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How To Install, Setup and Configure WP Super Cache Plugin


WP Super Cache Settings: One of the many important search engine ranking factors that a search engine consider is website speed or website load time.

One way to optimize and reduce site load speed is by caching website by using a cache plugin. There are many best cache plugin and WP super Cache is one of them.

WP Super Cache is a simple plugin that unlike W3 Total Cache it doesn't require technical knowledge for proper configuration.

It's important that you must use only one cache plugin instead of using WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache together.

I would recommend choosing that cache plugin for WordPress that suits your needs.

Having many WordPress plugins may slow down your WordPress blog and it is recommended to disable plugins that your don't need.

configure wp super cache

So In this guide, I will discuss why you need to use WP Super cache and how to install and setup WP Super Cache.

Why WP Super Cache Plugin?

For smooth functioning of WordPress sites especially WordPress sites that are hosted on shared hosting must have a caching mechanism.

Caching mechanism saves server execution time and thus reduce load time.

For these caching mechanisms, we use cache plugin in our WordPress site and thus improves our WordPress Site performance and many of you know that site load time is a website ranking factor used by search engines.

Cache plugins like WP Super Cache run caching mechanism by creating static pages of your WordPress site that greatly reduces page serving time and generate less number of PHP calls.

WP Super Cache WordPress plugin optimizes the database by generating static HTML files that are used to serve the request.

Whenever a page is requested from your WordPress blog, static page will be served instead of processing all PHP scripts decreasing your site load time, as a result of which prevents from crashing your Website servers.

Before settings up WP Super cache or configuring WP super cache WordPress plugin, you need to install and activate WP Super Cache Plugin  (Guide: Different ways to install WordPress plugins).

After you are completed with the activation, we shall now configure WP Super Cache and do use screenshots for quickly setting up this cache plugin.

Configure WP Super Cache Step By Step

For settings up WP Super Cache go to "Settings" > "WP Super Cache".

Now I will mention the settings for different tabs one by one that you should enable for the faster serving of your pages.

WP Super Cache Easy Tab Configuration

To enable caching Under Easy tab, check "Caching on (Recommended)" and click on update status.

wp super cache caching on

WP Super Cache Advanced Tab Configuration

WP super cache a powerful but simple cache plugin comes with many useful advanced options that further enhances your WordPress site’s performance.  Go to Settings > WP Super Cache and under "Advanced" tab check mark the following:

  • Cache hits to this website for quick access. (Recommended)
  • Use mod_rewrite to serve cache files. (Recommended)
  • Compress pages so they’re served more quickly to visitors. (Recommended)
  • Cache rebuild. Serve a super cache file to anonymous users while a new file is being generated. (Recommended)
  • Mobile device support.

wp super cache advanced setting

Click on Update options. Once you click on update options, WP Super Cache will show a notification that "Mod_Rewrite Rules must be updated".

Now scroll down to the page till "Mod Rewrite Rules" and click on "Update Mod_Rewrite Rules" to update these rules. Once Mod_Rewrite Rules are updated this section will turn green.

Now lets us look at few more advanced settings and its about garbage collection. In the same "Advanced" tab, scroll down to "Expiry Time & Garbage Collection".

Set up time and frequency for garbage collection of cached files on your server. Have a look at the screenshots for better garbage collection settings.

wp super cache expiry and garbage collection

WP Super Cache Preload Tab Configuration

Preload tab in WP Super Cache allows you to create super cache static files for all WordPress posts and pages and that serve a static WordPress website.

It is a highly recommended setting as it helps to conserve server resources, improve site speed by serving static content only.

Also, it is highly useful to serve those old sites that are not being updated anymore now. Make sure you are having same settings as in the screenshot below.

WP super cache preload setting

Test Or Check WP Super Cache WordPress Working

Once you are done with the successful setup of WP super cache now it's time to check if WP Super Cache plugin is working fine and serving cached file or not.

To check simply Go to the Easy tab. Now you can click on "Test Cache" button to check if it's working.

WP super cache will test your cached website by fetching your WordPress website twice and will compare the time stamps of both pages.

Now if “The timestamps on both pages match!” appears like in the screenshot then it means that caching is working on your WordPress site.

wp super cache working test

Hoped that this guide helped you setup WP Super Cache on your WordPress website.

Please do this share this article. For questions and feedback, please leave a comment below and do Subscribe for Updates.

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Thanks buddy, This config worked so great..!! Now, I've also Implemented on my other blogs too...


seems good advices to install wp super cache, but looks like you followed the recommended steps from the plugin it self i mean for example mod_rewrite is recommended for you, but me it's the PHP serve the recommended one !!!


These instructions worked for me first time! Thanks!

Gaurav vashisht

Thanks for helping.
I have selected all the options as per described in the post.

thanks again,
Gaurav Vashisht


thank you very very much,
i have an issue with my french website,
now it's all ok.

thank you again


my site says timestamps dont match

    Prince Sumberia

    If you have any other cache or compression plugin active. Then you must deactivate it first and then try with super cache configuration. Also if problem stills persist you can Use the debug system in the plugin to figure out why it's not working. That will help you a lot.


u made a mistake.. in advanced tab from misclleneous section uncheck the first box .. because when we check that box then our site does not open and a file is downloaded so uncheck that box.. thanx for the information..

    Prince Sumberia

    Thanks @Puneet, I greatly appreciate your suggestion. But this happens rarely. I am also using same settings for my other sites and they are working nicely. This is for faster serving of your site. Actually if file is getting downloaded then there must be issue with your .htaccess file. I recommend to check this box, it will help in faster loading of your blog. And try to remove lines that I mentioned in above comments. Also you can uncheck the box you mentioned but only if the problem still persists.
    Again thanks for your suggestion.


I did all the settings as your placed, but the time stamp did not matched,does it mean its not working and also i tried analyzing my site on gtmetrix and had an Analysis error :Analysis Error

The page took too long to load

GTmetrix tried to analyze the page, but it took longer than 2 minutes to finish loading. Please login to try testing from a test location closer to your server.

Please see our FAQ on how to fix this error.

    Prince Sumberia

    Hi I tried to access you site to know if your wp super cache is working. But i was unable to access your site and instead a file named download.gz started downloading. I think you have some issue with your .htaccess file.
    To fix this issue edit your .htaccess file and if you find the following lines, then delete the lines
    AddType x-mapp-php5 .php
    AddHandler application/x-httpd-php52 .php .php5 .php4 .php3

    After if this error is fixed try again with wp super cache configuration. If you still have some issue the you can contact me again.

    Hope this works 🙂


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