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Elegant Themes Review: When you start a new blog, one of the most important things you need to focus is how your new blog will look like.

It will not only help in blog branding but will boost your audience engagement with your site.

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform, so that is why there is no shortage of options when it comes to WordPress themes.

Many free WordPress themes are available in the WordPress repo but from my experience, I can surely tell you that it's better to have a premium theme instead of using free WordPress themes.

But with lots of options available becomes quite difficult to choose a high quality and SEO optimized elegant looking theme and that too at cheaper rates.

Many premium WordPress theme frameworks such as genesis, the thesis that charge hundreds of dollars for a single WordPress theme.

But in this article, I will be talking about Elegant Themes which is one of the most reputed and trusted Premium WordPress theme club that provides over 87 different WordPress themes for the price of one.

Elegant Themes Review 2016: Premium WordPress Theme Club

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Features Of Elegant Themes

1. ePanel Theme Options

All the themes that Elegant themes come with theme options panel. It allows you to easily control your website without editing codes. Also, it allows to toggle on and off all its features, adjust theme layout, manage ads, change color, optimizing it for search engines etc.

All the themes that Elegant themes come with theme options panel. It allows you to easily control your website without editing codes. Also, it allows to toggle on and off all its features, adjust theme layout, manage ads, change color, optimizing it for search engines etc.

2. Theme Types

Elegant themes have all types of themes available like for blogs, apps, e-Commerce, magazines, portfolios, responsive etc. You can choose any theme type you want and can change it anytime later.

3. SEO Control

You can manage your title, keywords, and meta description tags. Also, you can manage you canonical URLs for your website homepage, posts, pages as well as categories.

4. General Settings

You can adjust various general settings such as post counts and color schemes. You can also upload custom logo images and control featured post settings.

5. Layout

Using layout tab, you can adjust the structure of your WordPress blog like changing design elements.

6. Integration

Sometimes we need to add various code such as Google analytical code, Google tag manager code etc. by editing theme files. But if you are using elegant themes, you can use integration tab which allows you to input codes into various areas of the themes without editing the theme files. This is  an awesome feature for the non-techies.

7. Ad Management

Elegant themes come with various pre-defined ad locations. In Ad management panel you can manage your ads.

8. Colorization

You can quickly change the colors of your WordPress theme parts such as font color or background color.

9. Navigation

In the navigation panel, you can change the order of your links, adjust dropdown menu settings and quickly add or remove links.

10. Page Templates

Elegant themes offer a variety of page templates. You can access different pre-made styles and functions. With page templates, you can customize the appearance and functioning of an individual page.

If you are using any other WordPress theme, you need an extra plugin to create these for you and thus making your WordPress blog fast.  Different types of page templates that ElegantThemes are:

  • Image Gallery: You can easily create image galleries for your WordPress blog. These galleries support pagination and use jQuery lightbox popup effects for easy viewing.
  • Contact Form: If you are using Elegant themes you don’t need any extra plugin to add a contact form to your website. You can quickly add contact forms to your site using contact form page template. These contact forms also support captcha to reduce spam.
  • Advanced Search: Using advanced search your visitor can perform dynamic searches. They can easily sort search by post, page, and category.
  • Full Width: With full-width page template you will be able to remove sidebars for your page.
  • Blog Feed: Elegant themes allows you to add posts from different categories to a single page.
  • Multimedia Portfolio: Multimedia Portfolio page template allow you to display images as well as videos. It also supports different thumbnails and portrait orientation.

11. Shortcodes

Elegant themes offer a large collection of shortcodes. You can create awesome layouts with these shortcodes. Some of the shortcodes offered by elegant themes:

  • Buttons: You can easily create awesome buttons using button shortcode in WordPress. You can choose between various colors, shapes, styles and sizes.
  • Social Media: Social Media Icons are very important for any blog. You can quickly add social media badges to your website using social media shortcode.
  • Boxes: Sometimes we create color boxes to grab visitors attention. With box shortcode, you can create content boxes of different color.
  • Slideshow: With slider shortcode, you can easily create beautiful slideshows.
  • Tabbed Content: In elegant themes, using tabbed shortcode you can quickly create tabbed content. The tabbed shortcode ha two variations: horizontal and vertical.
  • Password Protection: Another great feature of elegant themes is that you can protect any content inside the post with a password. When a visitor visits a protected content area, he needs to login to view that content.
  • Image Slider: If you want, you can create image slider within your blog post. You need to select images and the shortcode with automatically resize your photos and adapt to any dimensions.
  • Columns: Using column shortcode, you can break your content into columns.
  • Author Info: You can easily add an author bio with avatar or photo after every post.
  • ToolTips: With tooltip shortcode, you can add beautiful jQuery tooltip to any element.
  • Pricing Table: If you are using this awesome premium WordPress theme club, you can add pricing table into your post and pages using pricing table shortcode. Now that was quite an awesome feature.
  • Testimonials: You can add stylish testimonials to your posts as well as pages quickly using testimonial shortcode.
  • Quotes: Using quote shortcode, you can emphasize you quotes.
  • Toggled Content: You can create a toggle tab using this shortcode. In toggled tab, you can add your content and also you can choose if the tab should be open or closed whenever the page loads.
  • Custom Lists: With this shortcode, you can emphasize your list with custom green and red checkmarks.
  • Dropcaps: Dropcaps are used to improve the hierarchy of your blog post. Dropcaps are subtle typographic techniques.

12. Multiple Themes

You can try over 87 themes and test which is perfect for you without spending a single penny. And you can also access all themes that will be available in the future.

13. Support And Updates

You will get regular updates for all your themes. Updates are required to ensure the proper functioning of your elegant themes on the latest version of WordPress.

Each theme comes well documented with proper installation instructions as well as video tutorials. If you ever face any help, then you can contact their quality tech support staff.

14. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

In case you are not satisfied with elegant themes after you signed up for any membership plan, you can cancel membership anytime within first 30 days and your money will be refunded.

15. Premium Plugins (Only With Developer and LifeTime Membership Plan)

You can access all their premium plugins for free. Users with personal membership plan cannot access these premium plugins. The plugin that can be accessed only with the developer and lifetime membership plans are:

  • Monarch Social Media Sharing: One of the best social media sharing plugins. Monarch is on top of our list of best social media sharing plugins for WordPress. And you heard it right, you will get the best social media plugin for free with your elegant theme membership. That is simply incredible.
  • The Divi Builder: It's a drag and drop page builder plugin. With Divi builder, you can create up to 46 types of content modules. You can create various layouts of different shapes and sizes inside the content area.
  • Bloom Email Opt-Ins: Another great plugin you are getting for free with your elegant theme membership is Bloom Email Opt-Ins. With this plugin, you can easily add opt-in email subscription forms to your WordPress site. You can also control the design as well as the location of the form.
  • HandHeld Mobile Plugin: The HandHeld plugin makes it easy to create an alternate Mobile layout for your WordPress site. This plugin will make you WordPress blog mobile friendly. As you may already know that many search engines consider mobile friendliness as a ranking signal. So it is an important plugin.
  • Elegant Shortcodes: With elegant theme shortcode plugin you can create beautiful shortcodes and these shortcodes can be used them in any themes.
  • Maintenance Mode Plugin: With this plugin, you can quickly create a “Coming Soon Page” for your upcoming WordPress blog.

Wrapping It Up

Elegant Themes is certainly of the cheapest WordPress themes. You can get access to all 87 premium themes for only $69 per year with their personal membership.

But with their Developer or LifeTime membership, you will not only get access to all 87 themes but also to 8 premium plugin.

Premium plugin list consists of the best social plugin in the market i.e Monarch Social Media plugin which you can access for free. Elegant Themes offer quality themes with lots and lots of features at jaw-dropping prices.

I  have been blogging for almost 5 years now, but I haven’t come across any other premium theme club except Elegant Theme club that offers such features at such low prices.

I have come across many other popular premium WordPress themes providers who charge over $100-200  for a single theme.

Also, you can use themes from Elegant themes on an unlimited number of websites with a single license.

I don’t think any other WordPress theme providers allows this.  Also, you will get access to all newly created themes and plugins by Elegant Themes during your membership period for free.

I don’t think any other WordPress themes providers offer this feature. If you know, then please let me know via comments. And one last thing, if you hate yearly payments like me then Lifetime membership is for you.

I hope you enjoyed the article. Do let me know your experience with Elegant Themes. If you are using any other WordPress themes please share with me via comments. I would love to hear from you.

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