What Is Google Analytics And Its Importance For Bloggers

Google Analytics Website Stats Tracking Program: Learning about how your audience interacts with your site is crucial to the success of any website or blog. Tracking the stats is one of the most important aspects of any blog or website.

No doubt many ways and services offer website or blog stats tracking, but no one is better than Google Analytics in monitoring Website, BlogSpot blog or WordPress blog.

I have been using Google Analytics since the start of my WordPress blog BroughtMeUp, and I didn't regret that decision of opting for Google Analytics as my stats tracking service.

Every blogger wants to know his website traffic stats, and that's what Google Analytics provide it for free and without any restriction.

It also includes live visitor reporting. And I must say the information it provides is remarkable and indeed Google Analytics the best stats tracking program and too available for free.

Google Analytics: Free Web Analytics Service

Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google to get detailed insights of your site traffic. By using Analytics for your website, you can learn about how you can improve your website traffic and user experience. It also provides you with details like how people found your site and which posts or pages are getting the most traffic.

google analytics

If you use advertisements for getting traffic, then you can see which of the advertisements are performing well. You can check various traffic sources for your website; that's is whether how much traffic you are getting from search engines, email marketing, pay-per-click networks, etc.

Getting started with Google Analytics is quite easy, just sign up for free Google Analytics account, fill the details, get tracking id or tracking code, and the last step is Add tracking code or tracking id in your website and you are now finished, and you have successfully integrated Analytics to your site. I have posted on how to integrate/add Google Analytics to WordPress blog.

Importance Of Google Analytics For Bloggers

Google Analytics is a must for every blogger. Weather for BlogSpot/Blogger blog or WordPress blog, it is a must. Now we should look at why Google Analytics is necessary tools for bloggers. Google Analytics allows you to create visits segmentation and great filters.

Website Traffic

Google Analytics shows the geographical location of your site visitors, which browser did the guest use to visit your site. If also provides some extremely useful information to improve the User experience for your site by offering information such as Flash support, language, JavaScript support, etc. By having all these information, you can customize your site design to make it user-friendly and thus it helps in increasing website traffic and turn more conversions.

AdSense Integration

Google analytic provides an option to integrate Google AdSense with Google Analytics. It provides full details about your AdSense performance and which are your top performing ads. And you can make changes accordingly to increase your AdSense earning.

Real Time Visitors

This feature allows you can track the live traffic and Real-time Tracking is enabled by default in Google Analytics. As a free stats tracking program, it is worth using and indeed is "The Best."

Content Analytics

You can also get detail information about your top posts and pages that are getting maximum Traffic. It can track where the user is on your website, means which posts and pages are getting the most traffic and which are not. You can see also what is the bounce rate. By using the information, you can decrease the bounce rate and increase your page views.

Traffic Source

Using Analytics, you can know the primary source of your Website Traffic. How much traffic your site is getting from Search Engines, Email Marketing, Advertising campaigns, Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and much more.

Mobile Analytics

It also has a feature that allows you to measure apps and traffic you receive from these apps. This feature is quite useful in this world of smartphones.

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