Hittail: Related Keyword Suggestion Tool To Boost Organic Search Traffic

HitTail Long Tail Keywords Suggestion SEO Tool Review : Search engine marketing is important for any successful blog. Everyone tries to find ways to increase their organic search traffic naturally because of Google Panda and Penguin updates. For the same reasons there are numerous SEO tools. Earlier I talked about one such tool called SEMrush which helps us to find long tail keywords with high CPC.

Today I will be talking about a  keyword tool “HitTail” which facilitates my blog’s long-tail SEO strategy. I will be sharing how you can increase your organic search traffic using HitTail by using long tail keywords technique. This tool is a life saver in post Panda stage. Before learning about this awesome tool you should understand what is long tail SEO?

What is Long Tail SEO ?

Long Tail SEO are targeting niche specific search keywords which are usually more than 2 words in length. Most bloggers or SEO folks dominate their niche using Long tail keywords technique and also to increase organic search traffic of their blog posts. A perfect example would be “custom fields in WordPress”.

Most of the bloggers tries to rank for keywords like “WordPress” or “WordPress Tips”, no doubt these keywords are valuable and their average monthly searches is very high but there is very high competition to rank for these keywords. You will not see instant impact on your search engine ranking for those keywords. Long tail keywords will have a higher search value than those popular keywords.

About 70% to 75% search queries comprises of long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are less competitive and thus you will see instant impact on your organic search traffic. That is why most SEO folks and bloggers uses long term SEO as their blogging strategy.(we too 😉 )

Now you must wanted to know how to find these long tail keywords. The answer is pretty simple by using HitTail. HitTail is an awesome and simple to use tool for your long tail SEO strategy.

HitTail Review : Long Tail Keywords Suggestion SEO Tool

HitTail is a tracking software which tracks your website search data for under performing long tail keywords. HitTail then provides list of suggested long tail keywords to optimize your search ranking and thus increasing your site’s organic traffic.

Hittail seo tool for long tail keywords

Honestly, when I heard about HitTail I wanted to give it a  try and signed up for free trail for 1 month.

But i never tried and used it. Before i could realize its importance my trail period was over. It was my mistake to not give HitTail a try. After few months I again got a chance to use HitTail on my other blogs.

After using HitTail I just loved it. I realize improved ranking for my popular keywords and starting to get more and more organic and targeted traffic. HitTail Analysis current keywords and suggest related long tail keywords. You can use these long tail keywords suggestions in your content and see your improved ranking and search traffic.

How To Setup HitTail In WordPress ?

Before using HitTail, first of all you need to sign up for HitTail. HitTail offers different pro plans but you are free to import keywords once and receive upto 15 suggestions. You can try and test HitTail in that period and if you is good for you or not. The data that is provided is real time, so you should be able to get good idea about what this tool offers. To know about different plans please checkout  HitTail plans page.

After you signup, now you should add your domains and then you need to add tracking code on your website or blog. If you are using WordPress, you can integrate HitTail using HitTail Plugin For WordPress. Install and activate this plugin.

  • Now you need to login to your HitTail account dashboard and go to Account > Sites. Now Copy your Site ID.
  • Now in your WordPress dashboard Go to Settings > HitTail  and paste your Site ID and click on save changes.

setup hittail in wordpress

Now we are finished with its setup in WordPress. Now you will start getting keyword suggestion after some time inside HitTail dashboard.

How To Use HitTail SEO Tool ?

Once you are complete with the setup, login to your HitTail dashboard. The dashboard is quite simple and click on suggestion tab. In suggestion tab you will see list of keywords along with search engine where traffic is coming to your blog. You can also sort keywords based on Organic, Paid and New suggested keywords. You can improve your keyword ranking by using these suggested keywords.

You can use these information to create a new post or optimize already published article or content.

HitTail also offers an option add keywords to your To-Do list. It also takes article orders but I haven't  tried this option but if you like you can use this service. They currently offers 400 word article in $19.

Why You Should Be Using HitTail ?

After using, I would highly recommend HitTail for long tail keywords suggestions. Indeed it is very effective to increase organic traffic. It is helpful to improve keyword relevancy and topic authority. You should use HitTail and start using Long Tail SEO as your blogging strategy. If you want to increase organic search traffic using Long Tail keywords this tool is highly recommended.

I would recommend you to give this awesome tool try. Hope you enjoyed the article and do let me know if you find this article helpful. And how would you rate it. For suggestions and feedback do leave a comment. Don't forget to share this article and do subscribe for updates.

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