How To Create And Submit Sitemap To Google Search Console

Submit Sitemap to Google : When you create a website, One of the most common but important query raised by newbie bloggers is how to list website in popular search engines like Google, Bing and many more. So in this guide we shall deal with : What is Sitemap and How to Submit Sitemap to Google search console for indexing of your blog? Many of the newbie bloggers may not aware that your website can be indexed and showed in Google search results in just 24 hrs.

How To Submit Your Blog Sitemap To Google

Google Search Console is a tool which let you control your website from Search engine perspective. Google Webmaster is a free tool offered by Google. Before be able to submit sitemap, you need to verify your site in Google. Here is my Guide on how you can verify your site in Google Search Console. Most important things is to submit your site to Google by submitting sitemap in Google webmaster tools. Now let us proceed,

What is a Sitemap ?

Sitemap is an .xml file that contains all the URLs inside your blog and is a list of pages to which all users are accessible. Sitemap is a way to tell search engines about the pages that exists on your website and  is complete index of your blog which search engine bots see. It helps better crawl and index your website. To learn more please refer to this wiki article.
Many tools are available for creating sitemap both online and plugins. Online tools mainly for normal websites and Plugins especially for WordPress blogs.

Online Tool : XML- Sitemap Generator

How To Generate Sitemap For WordPress Blog ?

Sitemap in WordPress can be generated by using different plugins. You can choose any one of the following plugins:

Recommended ReadingGuide to Setup Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.

How to Submit Your Blog Sitemap to Google Search Console

Submitting sitemap to Google webmaster tools means submitting your site to Google. To be able to submit your site to Google you must verify your site in Google search console. Assuming you had verified your site in Google we shall proceed with the tutorial. You must have your site sitemap link. If you have used any offline tool to generate sitemap for your site then you must firstly upload your sitemap file to root of your site like /sitemapindex.xml or /sitemap.xml. You can also  check BroughtMeUp Sitemap. So lets move on

  • Firstly, Login to your Google Webmaster Tool dashboard, in left hand side you will see under crawl drop down option click on "Sitemaps".
  • To submit, Click on "Add/Test Sitemap"

Google webmaster tool sitemap dashboard

  • After you will be asked to Provide the URL of your Site Sitemap that you have generated .
    Assuming the URL looks like, paste only sitemapindex.xml part of the link and click on "Submit Sitemap". Please refer to the below screenshot for better understanding.

Submitting sitemaps to google in google webmaster tool

  • After you submit then a message will appear confirming the submission and you will be asked to Refresh the page, just click on it to "Refresh the page".Submitted Sitemap to Google

If you are submitting sitemap for a new site or blog, then it may take some time for you to see the index status of your site. Once You can check the details like type of sitemap, processed date, items, errors associated, how many URLs submitted and how many URLs Google have indexed.

sitemap details no. of url submitted and indexed

Now we are done with submitting with creating and submitting sitemap to Google. I would suggest to read and repeat this steps for Bing Webmaster Tools. Here is the guide to submit sitemap to Bing webmaster Tools. Also read on how you can submit and claim site on Alexa.

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