Guide To install WordPress On Hostgator In Just 5 Minutes

Install wordpress on hostga

Install WordPress On Hostgator : WordPress is one of the most popular self hosted blogging platform. First step to get started with WordPress is to Install WordPress on your Hosting account. Most of the shared hosting for WordPress offers quick script to install WordPress and you don’t have to install your WordPress blog manually. I have already covered the following guide to install WordPress On Other Major Hosting Servers:

Today I will be sharing steps you need to follow to install WordPress on Hostgator hosting. And it is the hosting platform that currently empowers BroughtMeUp for about a month or so and I must say Hostgator hosting platform is quite awesome. Hostgator offers various hosting packages. You can learn more about Hostgator. I would recommend you to pick Baby package plan which cost only $6.95/month and offers unlimited hosting package.(Use coupon Code "BROUGHMEUP25" for 25% off or "BROUGHTMEUP" for $9.98 less from total bill)

Guide To Install WordPress On Hostgator

Install wordpress on hostgator


Hostgator offers two ways by to install WordPress on Hostagator hosting platform:

  • Using Softaculous
  • Manual Method
In this guide I will be using Softaculous for installing WordPress on Hostgator. The most popular, fastest and easiest method to install WordPress on Hostgator is using Softaculous. Believe me it will make your installation process quite easy and within seconds you will have WordPress blog installed, up and running.
Follow this guide step by step and follow the screenshot for better understanding. Fell free to ask any question related to this installation guide on How you can install WordPress on Hostagtor using Softaculous within 5 minutes. Assuming you already purchased hostagtor hosting we will move on to the steps. If not please Buy Hostgator Hosting use "BROUGHTMEUP25" for 25% off or "BROUGHTMEUP" for $9.98 less from total bill.

How To Install WordPress On Hostgator In Just 5 Minutes Using Softaculous

  • Login  to you Hostgator Hosting Cpanel
  • Under "Softaculous App Installer" Click on "WordPress" or Alternatively, Under "Software and services" click on "Softaculous" and in the next window click on "WordPress".softaculous-wordpress-install
  • In the next window Click on "Install" to begin with WordPress installation on your WordPress Hosting.wordpress-hostgator
  • Software Setup
    Choose Protocol : Choose http:// or https:// depending upon your convenience.
    Choose domain: You can choose your domain  name on which you want to install WordPress blog.
    For Newbies – If you have a baby plan or above Hostgator hosting plan, you can add as many domains as you want and you can host multiple websites on single hosting package. You can also check my Hostgator Baby Plan Review.
    In Directory: Here you can decide where you want to install WordPress, either in the root of the directory or under sub domain. For example:
    Root Directory:
    Sub directory
    If you want your blog to install WordPress in root directory keep field next to In Directory empty. And if you want to install WordPress in subdirectory simply enter the sub directory such as blog like the one above in the field next to In directory.
    Database Name: You can give any name but i would recommend to leave this field as it is and more on to other steps.wordpress-setup-hostgator
  • DataBase Setting

    Table Prefix: By Default it is "wp_" Though changing this is good for security but I would recommended you to leave as it is unless you are a pro.


  • Site Setting
    Site Name:
    Give Site name as in my case I have given  “BroughtMeUp
    Site Discription: Give Site Descrip[tion as in my case it is “Inspired By Incredibles
    Enable MultiSite: A WordPress multisite network allows you to run and manage multiple WordPress sites from a single WordPress installation. Its your Choice if you want to enable then just mark it.wordpress-hostgator-setting
  • Admin Account
    Admin username:
    By default the user name is "admin". Change it and Make sure that you don’t use “admin” as username, as this is a security risk. Rather use your nickname. The point is to make it really hard to guess.
    Admin password: By default the password is "pass". Change it and make sure to give a strong password and it should not be easily guessable by anyone. Keep it safe and make sure you can easily remember your password.
  • Choose Language
    Choose your Preferred language for your WordPress blog. By default it is "English".wordpress-language-hostgator
  • Select Plugins
    LImit Login Attempts:
    It is for security purpose so as to protect your WordPress blog from hacking attempts.You can limit login attempt. To enable limit login attempt just mark  it and define the number of login attempt to be limited.Sercuity-wordpress-hostgator
  • Advance Options
    Keep all the options as they are except,
    Automated backups:You can change the frequency of automated site backup by Softaculous, i would recommended to keep the frequency to "Once a Week".How_to_install_wordpress_hostgator
  • Email Installation Details To: Before Clicking Install You must enter the Email Address where you will receive the details of your WordPress installation on Hostgator by Softaculous.Enter the Email
  • Click "Install".

It will take few minutes for your WordPress blog to get installed on Hostgator server. Once WordPress installation on Hostgator is complete you will receive Email containing the details of WordPress Installation on Hostgator.

Now you can Access Your WordPress dashboard by going to “” (Make sure to replace with your actual domain name)

If you need any help please comment below. Your queries will be highly appreciated.

"Followed the Guide But Still Not Able to Install WordPress On HostGator Then Consider Our Free WordPress Installation Service Contact Me Through Contact Form I  Will Do It For You Free".

Now Just Installed WordPress Wandering What Next Then Move on to the following Tutorials and Learn how to configure your WordPress blog.

If you need any help regarding how to Install WordPress on Hostgator ,please let me know via comments. Your queries will be highly appreciated. If You Enjoyed The Article,Don’t Forget To Share It On Facebook and Google Plus and do Subscribe For Updates.

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After my trials it shows "Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress." when opening my website url! Please send me a solution for this!


Thank You , Sumberia!


Hai Sumberia! Your post is very impressive! I have a small doubt regarding this.
After installation of wordpress I am getting an error"404" & "The requested URL /wp/wp-admin/ was not found on this server. That’s all we know."
Can You tell me the process to solve my problem?!
Thank You in advance!

    Prince Sumberia

    This is something new to me. I never faced this problem while installing WordPress for my clients.
    Firstly check your .htaccess file for errors. Is not, then there may be something wrong with your installation. Simply reinstall WordPress on that particular domain. If this doesn't work, you can always contact me again via the contact form. You can also use HostGator Live chat support, may be there is something wrong with your server.


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