How To Write A Post On BlogSpot

How To Write A Post On BlogSpot/Blogger: If you have the art better you spread your art. Hey Incredible today I am going to show you How To Write A Post On BlogSpot And Publish It. I have already discussed how you can create a blog on Blogspot. After learning about how to create a blog, you should know how to write a post and publish it so that you can dive in the world of Blogging. You should choose a right niche for you blog and write content that must be SEO friendly. For the newbies read about what is SEO and how it can help your website to Build Traffic to your site.

How To Write Post And Publish On BlogSpot

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How To Write A Post On Blogger/BlogSpot

So lets start with the tutorial. Please refer to the screenshots for better understanding 

  1. Go to
  2. Login With your Gmail Id and Password
  3. Click on the blog that you have created. If you haven’t created any blog please create one -How to Create A BlogSpot Blog 

    How To Write Post And Publish On BlogSpot

  4. Click on "New post".How To Write Post And Publish On BlogSpot
  5. Give your post a name in name.
  6. Now write your content.You can insert images,links,videos etc. as related to your post content.
  7. After you have written your content its time to publish the Blogger post. To publish click on publish.
  8. Now you will see your Blogger post is published.
  9. Click on view blog to check how your blog looks.How To Write Post And Publish On BlogSpot

Now we have finished with the article on how to write a post on blogger and I hoped you enjoyed the article.

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