How To Install WordPress Theme Using FTP And Dashboard

How To Install WordPress Theme

Install WordPress Theme: There are many free and premium WordPress themes avaliable over the internet. As a begineer you would like to try these themes and find out which one suits your need. For that you need to install WordPress theme. So, today I we am going to give you a complete guide on how to install WordPress theme.

We shall discuss two different ways of installing WordPress theme. Firstly installing WordPress theme from the dashboard and secondly, using an FTP. You can choose any of these methods to install your WordPress theme.

Before we get started on the topic I would recommend you to read the following WordPress guides to get started with WordPress.

install WordPress theme

Before we move ahead with this guide, here are some of the resources from where you can download WordPress themes. Though there are many Free WordPress themes available, but I always recommend you to go for premium one if you are looking to establish a professional blog on WordPress:

Free Themes

Premium Themes (Recommended)

There are also many more recommended resources. You can always search and use free WordPress themes from WordPress theme directory though I would recommend you  to use a Premium WordPress Theme.

You can search and install free WordPress theme from WordPress official theme directory from your WordPress dashboard or you can download the theme in .zip format and  upload to your site using FTP.

How To Install WordPress Theme

Assuming you have downloaded free or premium WordPress theme from recommended directories above. Usually, most of the download WordPress theme is in .zip format. So assuming you have downloaded premium WordPress theme like Genesis Framework and you want to install it on your self-hosted WordPress blog.

1. Installing WordPress Theme From Dashboard

  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Navigate to Appearance> Themes> Install Themes
  • Click on Upload
  • Click on Browse and select your theme in .zip format
  • Click on Install Now
  • Now Wait till the theme will be uploaded and get installed on your server. Uploading time will depend on the size of your theme.
  • After Uploading Click On Activate in next screen to make your WordPress theme go Live.

install wordpress theme

Before you activate your WordPress Theme, you can preview your site by clicking on preview or Firstly, you can activate your WordPress site and then you can visit your site to see how it looks like.

2. Installing WordPress Theme Using An FTP

Installing WordPress Theme using an FTP is a manual method and I would prefer when installing multiple themes or editing themes. FTP method is useful when your server security doesn't allow you to install theme and plugins from the dashboard. When installing themes from the dashboard is throwing some error.

To get started with FTP method to install a WordPress theme, you need to have an FTP software like FileZilla or your cPanel should offer FTP access from web panel. Also, you need to have a software like WinRAR to unpack .zip file.

  • Unpack the .Zip format Theme using WinRAR.
  • Upload it directly to your themes folder. WordPress themes folder is located under the WP-content folder of your WordPress directory.
  • And Activate your theme from Dashboard by navigating to Appearance> Themes> Installed Themes and navigate for the theme you have uploaded and Click on Activate to activate it.

Please refer to this screenshot below for better understanding

 WordPress Theme Using FTP

How To Uninstall/Delete WordPress Theme

After learning about how to install WordPress theme from the dashboard and how to install WordPress theme using FTP. So should know and must know how to delete/uninstall WordPress theme.There are two ways to delete/uninstall WordPress theme.

1. How To Delete WordPress Theme From The Dashboard

  • Browse to Appearance
  • Click on Themes
  • Click on Delete to remove any theme. I suggest firstly Switch to another theme first and then delete existing themes.
    Note: You should never delete your live theme directly.

2. How To Delete WordPress Theme Using An FTP

  • Login to your FTP Manager
  • Locate to Wp-content>Themes
  • Delete the theme which you would like to delete.

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