Top 15 Social Media Marketing Tools for 2016

A Business owner knows the importance of promotion on the success of any product.


But here the bottom line:

"Many Quality products and services have been failed due to lack of promotion and advertisement."

With the Introduction of social media whole Marketing landscape has changed.

Social Media is a tool through which you can share a piece of content to the world in seconds.

Earlier marketers have to spend a lot of money on the promotion of the product but social media has helped them to carry out promotion without spending a penny.

Marketers know the importance of social media on the expansion and growth of any business. With Millions of active users.

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How To Setup Free CloudFlare CDN For Your WordPress Blog

"Are you are looking to setup CloudFlare free CDN for WordPress?"

If yes! Then I can assure you have landed on the perfect place.

I think you will agree with me when I say:

We need to speed up our website. Site loading speed plays a very critical part in blog success.

But how?

"Because Website page speed is a very crucial factor for search engine rankings."

If you are a regular visitor of BroughtMeUp (but if you are not, I would love you to be a part of Incredibles ūüôā ), you might have gone through my previously discussed techniques to speed up your WordPress blog like using a cache plugin, optimizing WordPress database¬†etc.

So today we are going to discuss one more technique that is using a content delivery network to speed up your website.

There are many popular paid and free CDN available out there. MaxCDN is very popular paid CDN.

But here is the kicker:

"When it comes to free CDN, no one can beat free CloudFlare CDN."

Today, I will be discussing the most popular and free CDN called CloudFlare. Also, I will be discussing how to setup free CloudFlare CDN for your WordPress blog.
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WP Fastest Cache Plugin Recommended Settings For WordPress

install and setup wp fastest cache plugin

If you are looking for WP Fastest Cache Settings then this guide is for you. Let's get started.

Loading time of your website not only affects user experience but also influences your search engine ranking.

Major search engines consider site loading time as one of the ranking signals. Means the faster blog are ranked higher are compared to slow sites.

The aim is to provide a better experience to the user.

The truth is that no one like a slow blog.

Am I right?

Of course!

One of the ways to make your WordPress blog faster is to install a cache plugin. By using a cache mechanism you can decrease the loading time of your WordPress blog.

There are many quality cache plugins available for your WordPress site like WP Rocket, W3 Total cache, WP Super cache, WP Fastest cache etc.

I had previously compared them in my post named best WordPress cache plugins.

One of the BroughtMeUp users asked me to test WP Fastest cache plugin and for the past few weeks I have been testing WP Fastest cache plugin.

And I must say I was amazed by the results I got. So I decide to write about this plugin.

So In this article, I will be sharing how to install and setup WP Fastest Cache plugin for a faster WordPress blog.

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How to Change Your Default "Admin" WordPress Username

How to change your wordpress username

Changing your default WordPress username is the first thing you should do to protect your site from hackers.

Moreover, this is the easiest method to reinforce your WordPress security.

Actually, the default username for your WordPress blog is ‚Äúadmin‚ÄĚ and it is quite easy for hackers to hack you site using brute force attack because hackers already know your username.

So it is highly recommended to change your default WordPress admin username so that hackers will find difficult guessing it. This creates an extra security layer for your WordPress blog.

Have you ever tried to change your default WordPress username and could not find the option to do so. Then this article is for you.

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Elegant Themes : Most Affordable Premium WordPress Themes Review

elegant themes review

Elegant Themes Review: When you start a new blog, one of the most important things you need to focus is how your new blog will look like.

It will not only help in blog branding but will boost your audience engagement with your site.

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform, so that is why there is no shortage of options when it comes to WordPress themes.

Many free WordPress themes are available in the WordPress repo but from my experience, I can surely tell you that it's better to have a premium theme instead of using free WordPress themes.

But with lots of options available becomes quite difficult to choose a high quality and SEO optimized elegant looking theme and that too at cheaper rates.

Many premium WordPress theme frameworks such as genesis, the thesis that charge hundreds of dollars for a single WordPress theme.

But in this article, I will be talking about Elegant Themes which is one of the most reputed and trusted Premium WordPress theme club that provides over 87 different WordPress themes for the price of one.

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Tips To Write SEO Optimized Article Like A Pro

SEO optimized articles

Every time when we talk about getting traffic, the first thing that strikes our mind is SEO.

Because for most of the blogs, search engines are the highest source of traffic.

Getting traffic from search engines is not easy.

Or is it?

For getting traffic from search engines the best way is to make your blog post search engine friendly. Your old posts will continue to get traffic from search engines if they are perfectly SEO optimized.

By ignoring SEO, you are probably not only losing lots of traffic but possible conversions also.

So you should optimize your article for the search engine.

In this article, I will be sharing some important tips for writing SEO optimized article that will rank higher in search results.

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How To Disable All WordPress Plugins At Once


If you are using WordPress you probably have faced issues or error with your WordPress site.

And Most of the time you will be recommended to deactivate all the plugins and check if issue stills persist.

But what if you are unable to log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.

If you ever had the white screen of death issue, then you would clearly understand what I am talking about.

In this article, I will show you how to deactivate all WordPress plugins when you are unable to access your WordPress admin dashboard.

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