Tips To Choose Best Domain Registrar To Buy A Domain Name

Domain name is very important for success of any blog. And for that you need to take care of some important things before buying a domain name from any registrar. So in this article I will be discussing some important points that can help you choosing a good domain registrar for buying a domain name. I already mentioned the importance of using custom domain name for a successful blog.

Tips To Choose Best Domain Registrar

Tips To Choose  Best Domain Registrar To Buy A Domain Name

  • Consider Pricing And Value

    Everyone who want buy a TLD (Top Level Domain) for their blog looks for a cheap domain registrar. It is the top priority of the blogger. You can buy domain name .com, .org that are actually cheap but if your budget is too low you can buy domain name with .info that cost you around 1$-4$.
    Buying domain name .com or .org only cost you around 10$-15$ per year.


  • ICANN- Registered Registrar

    Make sure that the registrar you are going with to buy a domain name must be ICANN registered. Many times people get in the trap like some domain registrar might offer domain name at very cheap price and they are not ICANN registered. Make this your top priority.

  • Domain Transfer Policy

    It may be important condition for those who want to buy domain name for one domain registrar that offer domain name at low price and then transfer that do main name to some other registrar.Many domain registrar will not allow domain transfer for a specific period of time from the date of purchased of domain name.So you must check there domain transfer policy.

  • Hidden fees

    Many domain registrar offer domain name at low cost but they may charge you some extra hidden fees.So be vigilant don’t be a fool ,look  and double check if they have some hidden fees as it may spoil your website budget.

  • Email Accounts Or Email Forwarders

    With custom domain name you can have a custom email address of your domain name. With custom domain name you can have custom E-mail address like [email protected] Its amazing as it helps in your site branding.It will make you site extra Appealing. Some of the registrar offer free Email forwarders with every domain name.It is most appealing to have Email Address like I have [email protected] instead of or

  • Add-on services

    You may consider free add on services like guard. Some of the registrar offers some free services but most of them don’t. So it must not be a necessary condition for choosing a good domain registrar.

I have already recommended some of the best domain name registrar for buying domain name and it to at inexpensive price.

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