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WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. And we love it. We regularly talk about WordPress, plugins, themes and how to configure the plugins correctly.


Search engine optimization or SEO is the one we talk a lot about.  We regularly share actionable SEO guide and tutorials that will help the users to get organic traffic and higher search ranking in Google.

Link Building 

Link Building is one of the crucial and most important ranking factor the Google uses. We share exclusive link building techniques and strategies. And how to implement these techniques to get maximum traffic.

Make Money

We share insights about the money making aspects of blogging.  How to use affiliate marketing to monetize your blog, And using other techniques and sources to generate passive income from their blog. 

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It's 2018, and SEO has changed completely.  Now SEO is more than just optimizing your title tags and description tags. So you need to upgrade your On-Page SEO skills if you really want to rank well on Google. But now worries, you can download my Free On-Page SEO guide that contains over 16 tips plus few bonus tips for optimizing your On-Page SEO.

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