About Prince Sumberia

Hey guys, Welcome to BroughtMeUp and let me formally introduce myself to you. I’m Prince Sumberia, who is passionate about technology and internet marketing.

I started blogging in my schools days as my love for computer and technology is immense. I started my blogging journey on Blogspot platform and then I bought Hostgator hosting and moved to self-hosted WordPress  My first income was $65 from Bluehost Affiliate program.

The lines “Every Particle has its own destination“ truly reflects my journey of blogging. BroughtMeUp is one of my most popular blogs. I started BroughtMeUp in 2015.

The name BroughtMeUp signifies the importance of an inspiration in life. And as far as I am concerned these lines are dedicated to my parents and the inspiration they have given me the entire life.

About BroughtMeUp

BroughtMeUp primarily focuses on Blogging, Make Money online, SEO, Business blogging, Social media, WordPress, Affiliate marketing,Internet tools and Internet marketing. I talk about the money aspect of Blogging and how anyone can earn from home via Blogging. BroughtMeUp is a community blog where we allow bloggers to take part and contribute via Guest posts. Why don’t you subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates and offers?

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