How AI (Artificial Intelligence) Impacts Digital Marketing

artificial intellgence impacts digital marketing


In the middle of the night, someone emailing or tweeting inquiring about your product or service.

But the sad news....

You are asleep dreaming about your business exceeding your expectations. But in reality, on the verge of missing on a potential client. 

But the good news....


Your AI assistant didn't let it happen. Your potential client gets a personalized message or tweet regarding his inquiry. 

And all thanks to your AI, you have a new client. 

Wait there's more, so keep your imagine mode ON!

Let say, someone, asks about when the certain product will be in stock and immediately, he gets a message mentioning the date when the product will be back in stock.

How cool is that! 

The bottom line:

No doubt, Digital marketing is the present and will be the future of advertising. But with the introduction of AI, a very sophisticated technology, marketing is already getting affected by it that most people never thought it would. 

Now with the ever increasing focus on Artificial intelligence, many believe that AI might replace humans in the job.

And that's true..... but to some extent. 

AI can assist people and may replace humans in certain tasks of their job which are based on logical thinking but AI will surely not replace humans for the creativity and decision-making capabilities. That seem quite reasonable. Agree?

Lets face it!

AI is one of the biggest revolutions in digital marketing world.

What this does is that it will free marketer's time by doing time-consuming and logic based jobs, so that marketers could have more time to do the thing that technology can't. 

Now, AI is getting adopted as a service and will be built into more and more service applications. Moreover, according  to Accenture, Artificial intelligence could double the economic growth by 2035.

TensorFlow open Artificial intelligence library is now being used by world's best companies like Google, Mi, Snapchat, Uber, eBay, Twitter and much more...

​The Evolution Of ChatBots

Can you sit whole day waiting for a customer with any query?

Surely, I can't 🙂

That where AI comes to rescue. I believe one the biggest advantage to date of AI in digital marketing is the creation of Chatbots that enabled customer dialogue minimizing the efforts that it actually needs. 

Chatbots according to NBC, are "simple artificial intelligence systems that you interact via text. Those interactions can be straightforward, like asking a bot to give you a weather report, or more complex, like having one troubleshoot a problem with your Internet service".

What makes Chatbots so powerful marketing tool is their availability for every customer every single second. They provide real-time data to the customer during their interaction.

Moreover, they are mobile optimized which only adds to their value.

According to a survey by Aspect, 49% of the customers will prefer to do all their interactions by text/chat/messaging. 

consumer experience digital marketing

Some of the brands that are already using Chatbots for their customers like. Here are some of the popular ones.

  • Spotify
  • Mastercard
  • Starbucks 
  • Pizza Hut

So, the bottom line:

Chatbots is the future of digital marketing as well as customer support. 

​Serach Engine Optimization (SEO)

AI allows us to enhance the customer experience by predicting and analyzing the needs of the customer.

Search is already started to get affected by the introduction of AI. Now the most popular search engine giant Google is currently using AI known as RankBrain that helps them to refine search queries.

And according to Google it also helps to rank web pages. Not only this, according to them it is the third most important ranking factor used by Google. 

Techcrunch in their article brilliantly concluded that RankBrain is changing SEO fast than we actually think.  

With AI you will be able better aggregate data and now search engines are now getting more and more human-friendly. Now, ranking factors can change from a result to result and will be more focusing on search intent.

​Natural Language Processing: The Rise Of Voice Search

Another great use of AI is voice search. Many Search Assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana and Alexa are powered by natural language processing and speech recognition Software making them brilliant AI tools. 

In a survey by HubSpot, they found that there has been an increase of about 27% in voice search. And about 74% using voice search in past month. 

HubSpot also found out that the use of voice search is increasing day by day making it very challenging for the SEO experts to coup up with it.  

​Ads Delivery

If you think that AI doesn't affect PPC digital marketing strategy then you are absolutely wrong.

Now most popular advertising networks like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads are using artificial intelligence. With just a few keywords from the advertisers, AI can suggest the best keyword to use.

Once the campaign is up and running, AI will charge automatically for every click and the cost can fluctuate during the day.

For example, if competition for a keyword is more, then AI may automatically allocate more cost per click so that your ads will be displayed. 

Due to AI, the ads are much more personalized to the user and provide better quality to the advertiser.  

​Split Testing

AI is one of the best ways to carry out A/B testing. You can create different campaigns and check what's works and what's not. AI can automatically stop the campaign when it not performing well. 

With few permissions, AI can also make certain changes to the campaign so to make it perform to the advertiser expectation.  

The bottom line:

No doubt, AI is getting more and more capable and given the developments its hard to imagine digital marketing without AI.

But what it can't does is replace humans in any sense. After all, it still needed to be programmed by the humans. In digital marketing, humans will have an edge over AI in certain skills like Creative thinking and more importantly emotional perspective to look at things.   

Here I am leaving you with an awesome video, showing how MIT's AI can predict action on video before two seconds it begins. But do let me leave what do you think how AI impacts digital marketing.

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