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Hey Incredibles, Welcome to BroughtMeUp. I'm Prince Sumberia, an incredibly passionate blogger from India and. Here at BroughtMeUp I write about Starting & managing a blog, WordPress, SEO, Social media, and Making Money online. You can read more about me at About Me Page.


On-Page SEO: The Ultimate Guide With Actionable Checklist

on-page seo

Once upon a time, On-Page SEO was blogger's bread and butter.

The idea was simple, use as many as targeted keywords as possible within the content, meta tags etc. and with few backlinks, your content will rank number one on Google search rankings, and you will get tons of traffic.

And It was true.... for a while.

Now here is an interesting question....

If you publish a post stuffed with keywords now in 2018. Will it rank number one on Google?

The answer is no. Absolutely NOT!

Here's why?

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My Experience With ICDL

digital challenge asia 2017

ICDL Digital Challenge 2017 


I'm Prince Sumberia, a Computer Science student from Model Institute of Engineering and Technology in Jammu, India. 

I was first introduced to ICDL by our Head of Department for CS faculty, Mr. Salim Qureshi who informed us about the first ever ICT competition in Asia by ICDL Asia.

After getting to know more about the competition through ICDL Asia’s website and Facebook page, I decided to register for it.

Looking back, that’s one of the best decision I’ve made!

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6 Crucial Guest Posting Tips You Need To Know Right Now

We all want the best for our blog.

We want it to have 50,000 or more traffic every month. We want it to rank on the first page. We want it to be the talk of every popular social media sites. And we want to generate extra income in a consistent manner.

That is why we do our best when it comes to writing posts and all the efforts that need to be done in order for our blog to reach the highest status in giant search engines like Google and Yahoo, but most especially, Google. That is why we do guest posting so we can take advantage and borrow traffic from those popular sites.

Guest blogging is a marketing strategy that can:

  • Build authority
  • Generate leads
  • Develop relationship with renowned influences in your field
  • Increase brand awareness

Yes, we are willing to do everything, but what are the things that we should NOT do when guest posting?

If you want to know, please read on and learn a thing or two:

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How To Set Up Custom Domain Name On Blogger

Do you want to setup custom domain name for your Blogspot blog? If yes then, this step by step guide will surely help you. 

Free blogging platform like BlogSpot and offers a free domain name. And if you are using the free domain name for your blog then I would highly recommend using a custom domain name instead.

For a newbie let me clear your doubts about the free domain name and a custom domain name.

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