Awesome! 5 Best Backlink Checker For Backlink Analysis In 2018

best backlink checker

Are you looking for best backlink checker tool then you are at right place.

You spend several days to come up with a killer piece of content that can outshine any similar content in terms of quality.

Now it’s obvious to think that it will also outrank any of them and claim your top spot on Google.

But the reality is far from what we expect.


You can not outrank your competitor on the basis of the quality of your content.

After publishing your article, one of the most important tasks is to build links to your new post.

Every Blogger understands the importance of backlinks for SEO. Based on the number of backlinks, your website would rank higher in Google search results.

Now, there is one more point I need to make:

Backlink’s quality is more important than quantity.

So the bottom line is:

Focus on building quality backlinks to your site rather than hundreds of low-quality backlinks.

One of the best and quick backlink building technique is to spy on your competitor’s backlink profile. And find pages that link to specific URL.

Want to know the best part?   

There are many backlink checker tools available to spy on your competitors’ backlinks for free.

So today in this article, I will list some of the best backlink checkers to check the details of backlinks a site has.

But before moving to that part you should know:

What Is a Backlink?

For a newbie, a backlink is what he should know. When any website links to your site or any other page of your site from its website, this is what we call backlinks.

It is one of the most important parameters that Google uses for ranking a website.

Getting backlink is a part of search engine optimization strategy of a website for getting high page rank and better keyword ranking.

Backlinks can be Dofollow or Nofollow. When we talk about creating backlinks it usually means creating dofollow links as they contribute to your site SEO strategy.

Creating Quality backlinks can significantly improve your website page rank.

To look at backlink profile of our own site as well our competitor’s site we need to make use of backlink checkers.

Best Backlink Checker Tools To Spy On Competitors Backlink Profile

1) SEMrush

semrush best backlink checker

SEMrush is a must-have SEO tool, and I am using SEMrush for more than one year and, believe me, it is simply the best. You can also check out my SEMrush review.

Semrush is a paid tool but also offer a free account.

Recently SEMrush added backlink analytic feature. SEMrush allows you to check your website’s backlink status as their database correctly is updated daily.

You can also check backlinks of your competitor’s website. They also offer comparison tool to compare the backlinks details of the different site. Indeed the best backlink checker.

2) Ahrefs

ahrefs to check backlinks with anchor text

Ahrefs is one of the best backlink checker tools. This tool provides one of the largest indexes of live backlinks to your websites.

It is a paid backlink checker tool but you can also register for a free account and can get the complete analysis with anchor text analysis of your website.

Using Ahrefs, You can easily find data on new and internal links, anchor text, linking domains and best pages of a website.

You will also be able to see your site links are increasing or decreasing. It also provides the percentage breakdown of anchor text pointing to your site.

3) OpenLinkProfiler

openlinkprofiler best backlink checker

One of my favorite backlink checker tool. OpenLinkProfiler is a free backlink checker that allows you to check complete details of backlinks to your site.

OpenLinkProfiler also allows you to export 1000 backlinks in .csv format. It is the best free option out there for checking links to your site.

4) BackLinkWatch

backlink watch backlink checker tool

One of the most famous for checking backlinks of your website. BankLinkWatch is a free tool for checking backlinks. It also provides details about the quality of backlinks and visitor stats of your site.

5) Open Site Explorer

open site explorer backlink checker tool

Open Site Explorer is a tool that I often use and is my favorite backlink checker tool. This tool is created by SEOMOZ.

For comparing links between two or more websites, this tool is worth trying.

It works best if you have a paid account. You can always use the free version, but it is limited to 3 searches per day for checking backlinks.

Over To You

So we are finished with the best backlink checker that are available over the internet.

These are best and trusted backlink checker tools that you must use to get complete and updated details of backlinks of your website/blog.

Note: Don’t try to buy backlinks. Buying backlinks are one of many negative SEO tactics.

Do let me know which tool you would use and also let me know if any other tools must be included in the above list via comments.

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