Best WordPress Backup Plugins That You Need To Know

best WordPress backup plugins

You are probably here because you want to know which is the best WordPress backup plugins for backing up your website.


Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

With the ever-increasing risks of website attacks, creating regular WordPress backup is a must. Backing up your WordPress site is the most important things you can do to safeguard your data.

Backups can be a lifesaver in situations when your site get hacked or your site suddenly crashes.

Here is the best part:

There are many free as well as paid backup plugins for WordPress are available over the internet that can backup your site within seconds.

If you are wondering:

Why we need these WordPress backup plugins if our WordPress hosting providers has backup services?


Then here the truth:

WordPress hosting providers only offer limited backup service, it’s solely your responsibility to backup your website. Only a few hosting providers actually care about your website.


So, you should be backing up your WordPress site from day one using any of these best WordPress backup plugins which I will be listing in this article.

But before moving to this list, let us first look at the key features of any WordPress backup plugin.

Key Features A Good Backup Plugin Should Have

Anyone who is looking for a backup plugin should check if that particular plugin offers these following features that the best backup plugin should have:

  1. Automatic Backups
    Automation is the first thing you should look for in any backup plugin. With plugin with an automatic backup feature, you don’t need to perform the backup task manually.
    You can set the time, day and the frequency of the backup process. It would be a mistake going for a backup plugin that lacks automatic backup feature.

  2. Support
    Another important aspect you need to look at. If something went wrong during backing up or you are facing some difficulty with restoring your WordPress site from the backup. Then you need someone to look at the issue and assist you.

  3. Complete Backup
    The backup plugin should have the ability to backup your whole WordPress site including databases, images, and videos that you have uploaded.

  4. Multiple site Support
    If you have multiple WordPress sites then you might want all backups of your websites in a single place. With multiple site support, you need to buy backup plugins for all your sites separately.
    A single plugin can be activated on a number of websites that are allowed according to your package.

  5. Storage
    A good Backup plugin should allow a user to select the backup location. It could be Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Local Computer, FTP or on the server.
    These options come to rescue when you need to recover your WordPress blog from any external storage like Google Drive in a case of any issue with your server.

Now we shall look at the list of best WordPress backup plugins along with their features and price. You can pick any of these and start backing up your site.

Best WordPress Backup Plugins: Pros And Cons

1. VaultPress

VaultPress WordPress backup service

VaultPress is my top recommendation. Certainly one the best WordPress backup plugin available in the market. VaultPress was founded by Automattic team.

VaultPress provides real-time backups and also scans your WordPress site for security threats. It is a premium subscription based service with different plans.

VaultPress offers automatic real-time cloud backups with downloadable backups. It also includes spam protection features.

Backing up and resorting from backups is quite easy because it’s just a matter of few clicks. With their security scans feature you can repair the issues with one click.

2. BackupBuddy

backupbuddy WordPress backup plugin

Another great WordPress backup plugin. BackupBuddy is also one of the most popular premium backup plugins for WordPress.

With BackupBuddy you can easily schedule backups on the daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can schedule backup and store them on their cloud service called Stash or even in Dropbox, FTP, Amazon S3, Rackspace. You can even mail these backups to yourself.

With BackupBuddy you will get access to premium support forums as well as updates.

3. CodeGuard

CodeGuard WordPress backup service

CodeGuard is a time-saving and precise automated cloud backup solution, featuring differential backups and full site recovery.

CodeGuard is the only backup solution that works on all website platform, not just WordPress.

With CodeGuard you can create complete daily backups and store them on their secure cloud servers. It also allows you to restore your WordPress site with just one click. You can also download the backups to your computer.

CodeGuard is a subscription based service with helpful features monitoring changes.

4. BackWPup

backup-free WordPress backup plugin

BackWPup is a free WordPress backup plugin. With BackWPup you can create complete WordPress backup and store it on cloud including Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace etc. and also on FTP, email or you can download your backup.

You can also schedule automatic backups according to your own choice. It is an easy-to-use plugin. With BackWPup you can also optimize and repair the database. It also sends logs and backups by email.

BackWPup also has a Pro version with some extra features like storing backups on Google Drive etc.

5. UpdraftPlus

updraftplus WordPress backup plugin

Another popular free WordPress backup plugin. You can create the complete backup of your WordPress site and store it on cloud or download to your computer.

With UpdraftPlus you can schedule backups and select the location for its storage. And the failed uploads are automatically resumed.

Like BackWPup, UpdraftPlus also has the premium version with some extra features. It is top rated scheduled backup plugin in WordPress repo.

6. BackUpWordPress

backupwordpress WordPress backup plugin

BackUpWordPress is yet another backup plugin available for WordPress. It has automatic schedule feature. You can create different schedules for your database and files.

But the free version has a very crucial limitation as with free version you can’t store your backups on cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox etc. You need have a premium version of BackUpWordPress to store backups on cloud storages like Dropbox, Google Drive etc.

Conclusion: Which WordPress Backup Plugin You Should Go For?

Every WordPress backup has its own pros as well as cons. VaultPress will be my top recommendation because of its quality features.

It is an easy-to-use plugin with real-time incremental backup. It will only create the backup of the file that is updated instead of creating the backup of the whole site again and again. VaultPress does it within few seconds of an update. So there is no chance of losing your website data.

BackupBuddy will be my second recommendation. It is perfect for any medium sized WordPress website. BackupBuddy is very popular among WordPress users. If you hate monthly recurring fees then BackupBuddy is perfect for you.

We are finished with the list of best WordPress backup plugins. Don’t wait for a disaster to happen, even a free backup solution is better than none. But for true peace of mind, you should have a premium backup plugin.

Use any of the above-listed plugins and you can forget about losing your data in case of website hack or crash.

I hope this list will help you in picking the best backup plugin for your WordPress blog. Do let me know which plugin you would use via comments. You can also share queries and feedback via comments.

Keep backing up your website and remain away from troubles.

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