Guide To Bing Webmaster Tools For SEO

Guide To Bing Webmaster Tools For SEO: Many of the bloggers only focus on optimizing website for Google only, but I feel that we should optimize our site for all search engines and not just one when it comes to search engine optimization of a website. The best and most popular search engine is Google followed by Bing and others.

But the gap between Google and Bing has closed down a little bit in the last few months. Bing is a search engine from Microsoft.

Traffic from Bing search is increasing well; the reason may be regular Google Algorithm changes. Microsoft has been integrating social aspects into their search engine.

Bing Webmaster Tools for SEO

So it’s better to optimize your website for Bing search engine. To get traffic from Bing search engine, you need to add or submit to the site to Bing Webmaster tool. Bing Search index is important for getting traffic from Bing.

Here is a guide on how you verify your website in Bing webmaster tools and submit the sitemap to Bing Webmaster tools and increase you presence and traffic in Bing search engine. So let’s start with this tutorial and also please refer to the screenshots for better understanding.

How To Submit Your Site To Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools is a free service by Microsoft. You just need to submit a site to Bing, and you can get full SEO report and information related to your website. I would highly recommend you to

I would highly recommend you to submit your site to Bing Webmaster tools as there are some features which are not available in Google webmaster tools.

So let’s start with the tutorial on Bing Webmaster Tools:

  • Firstly you need to create a free account on Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • Once you have created your account, you need to add your website and Verify. Enter your site’s URL and click on Add.
  • After you have submitted your site, you need to add details related to your site. You need to add your website sitemap URL. If you haven’t created a sitemap for your site, you can create using Google XML Sitemap Plugin or using XML Sitemap functionality in Yoast WordPress SEO plugin. Adding sitemap URL help Bing to crawl better and index your website.
  • Under “Contact preference,” You can set alert preferences and how often you would like to receive email related to your sites issues like crawl errors, index issues, sitemaps, and malware. In my case, I set it as daily alerts so that I get notified about my site health problems.
  • Once You have filled all the details, click on Save, and you will be redirected to Site Verification Page, and if not you will be redirected to Bing Webmaster Dashboard, and On the same page, a message will appear saying “Site Ownership has not been verified, Verify it now.” Now lets us see different methods to check your site in Bing Webmaster Tools.

    add site in bing webmaster tools

How To Verify Your Website In Bing Webmaster Tools

After you have are finished with creating and adding your site on Bing Webmaster Tools, now you need to verify your site. You can choose any of the following methods to verify your site:

    1. Adding Meta tag in header
    2. CNAME record to DNS
    3. File Upload
      verify site ownership in bing webmaster tools

I would recommend you to use adding meta tag method as it is the easiest way for site verification. You can choose any of the following plugins:

  • Insert Header And Footer Plugin: Download and activate Insert Header And Footer Plugin. After activation Go to settings>Insert Headers and Footers and paste the meta tag in the header field and click on save settings. Once you are finished, go back to Bing  Webmaster Verification page and click on verify button.
  • Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin: Download and install Yoast WordPress SEO plugin. Once you are finished with the installation IN the left plane Go to SEO> Dashboard, Under Webmaster Tools you will see option “Bing Webmaster Tool” just paste your meta tag here and click on save settings.Once you are finished, go back to Bing Webmaster Verification page and click on verify button.
  • All In One SEO Pack Plugin: Download and install All In One SEO Pack plugin. Once you are finished with activating this plugin Go to Settings > All In One SEO and under “Additional Home Readers” paste meta tag into the text area. Go back to Bing Webmaster Verification page and click on verify button.

Site Verified On Bing Webmaster Tools And Wandering What Next?

Now we are done with the submitting site to Bing Webmaster Tools and with site verification. Now a few extra settings for getting better results.

  • Submit Image And Video Sitemap To Bing
    You can generate image and video sitemap using Image Sitemap and Video Sitemap plugin for your site. After you need to submit these sitemaps to Bing so add your sitemap under dashboard> Configure my site> Sitemaps. Add your sitemap URL and click on Submit.submit Sitemap to Bing webmaster tools
  • Crawl Control
    Crawl control is a great feature offered by Bing Webmaster Tools, as you can to control the time and rate Bing bots will crawl your website more. This feature is useful for a site having high traffic and with limited hosting bandwidth.crawl control in bing webmaster tools
  • Geo-Targeting
    It offers Geo-Targeting feature better than Google webmaster tools does. In Bing Webmaster tools you can set Geo-Targeting for a whole site as well as a sub-Domain, directory, and even a particular page.Geo targeting In Bing Webmaster tools
  • Block URL’s And Directory In Bing Search

    By using this feature, you can stop indexing of any page or directory on your site in Block URL section.
    The URL removal applies for around 90 days, and you will get email notification eight days before completion of your 90 days, and then you can decide to keep that URL blocked or let it be indexed by Bing.block URL in Bing webmaster tools
  • SEO Report
    By using this feature, you can discover which areas of your site may need work to comply with best SEO practices.seo reports in Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Submit Individual URL
    If you have submitted an entirely new site to Bing, then it can take time for Bing bots to crawl and index your site completely. So apart from submitting the complete site to Bing, you can manually add few links for Bing bots to crawl and index them quickly. The limit is 50 URL’s submission per month, and the daily cap is 10.submit URLs in bing webmaster tools
  • Ignore URL Parameters
    If your site pages are indexed with URL parameters like reply to com in Bing search, then you can add this parameter and ask Bing to ignore such links.Ignore URLs parameters in Bing Webmaster tools
So we are done with Submitting website to Bing Webmaster Tools and looking for more visibility I would recommend you to submit site to following sites:

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