6 Crucial Guest Posting Tips You Need To Know Right Now

We all want the best for our blog.

We want it to have 50,000 or more traffic every month. We want it to rank on the first page. We want it to be the talk of every popular social media sites. And we want to generate extra income in a consistent manner.

That is why we do our best when it comes to writing posts and all the efforts that need to be done in order for our blog to reach the highest status in giant search engines like Google and Yahoo, but most especially, Google. That is why we do guest posting so we can take advantage and borrow traffic from those popular sites.

Guest blogging is a marketing strategy that can:

  • Build authority
  • Generate leads
  • Develop relationship with renowned influences in your field
  • Increase brand awareness

Yes, we are willing to do everything, but what are the things that we should NOT do when guest posting?

If you want to know, please read on and learn a thing or two:

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How To Set Up Custom Domain Name On Blogger

Do you want to setup custom domain name for your Blogspot blog? If yes then, this step by step guide will surely help you. 

Free blogging platform like BlogSpot and WordPress.com offers a free domain name. And if you are using the free domain name for your blog then I would highly recommend using a custom domain name instead.

For a newbie let me clear your doubts about the free domain name and a custom domain name.

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Awesome! Super Reliable And Cheap WordPress Hosting Providers

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say:

Choosing reliable and cheap WordPress hosting for a blog is a daunting task.

and like most people:

You probably have no experience with the hosting companies either.

The situation gets even worse when:

You pay the hefty price only to later realize that it was a complete waste.


What if I told you that reliable hosting doesn’t need to be expensive?

It sounds crazy, right?

But that is the truth.

When I first thought of starting a self-hosted WordPress blog, the first thing I need was a cheap and reliable hosting. I thought that it would be the easiest thing that I would do.

But actually, it was the complete opposite of what I thought.

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Awesome! 5 Best Backlink Checker For Backlink Analysis In 2018

best backlink checker

Are you looking for best backlink checker tool then you are at right place.

You spend several days to come up with a killer piece of content that can outshine any similar content in terms of quality.

Now it’s obvious to think that it will also outrank any of them and claim your top spot on Google.

But the reality is far from what we expect.


You can not outrank your competitor on the basis of the quality of your content.

After publishing your article, one of the most important tasks is to build links to your new post.

Every Blogger understands the importance of backlinks for SEO. Based on the number of backlinks, your website would rank higher in Google search results.

Now, there is one more point I need to make:

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