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Welcome to BroughtMeUp resources section. Here you will find curated list of blogging tools and resources which I personally use and also recommend for building a successful blog. More importantly, for building a conversion optimized WordPress blog.

I am using every single tool mentioned on this page and they are very crucial for running and developing BroughtMeUp. You can use quick navigation to quickly jump between categories of your choice. 

But before moving on, an important thing I believe you deserve to know:

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links that means if you will make a purchase I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please understand that I personally use them and recommend them because they are helpful, not because of the small commission I make. 

I will appreciate if you decide to buy using my affiliate link. Cheers!

Blogging Platform

Cost: FREE 

I guess you already knew that :) The choice is pretty clear. For the past 5 years and so I have never build any of my blog on any other blogging platform except self-hosted 

WordPress is choice of most of the top bloggers. Almost 27% of the total websites on the internet are using WordPress. ​That's pretty impressive. If you want to know more follow this guide. 


Cost: $3.95/month 

Although many quality hosting services are available for bloggers. But Bluehost is my choice of hosting for all my niche sites as well as client sites. That's because of Bluehost's easy-to-use and extremely affordable hosting.

Bluehost make it incredibly fast and easy to setup WordPress with one click installation. I highly recommend using Bluehost for your first website, and you can get started now at only $3.95/month.


Cost: $49 

Thrive Themes are my number one recommendation for WordPress themes. They are by far the best premium theme I have ever used. 

Thrive Themes are conversion focused WordPress themes. ​I am currently using Thrive Themes on all my blogs. They not only make site look beautiful but they all clutter the use of other plugins like a with Thrive Theme you will get free access to Karken (a premium image optimization plugin).

Lead Generation

Cost: $67 

The only plugin you need for building a email list. With Thrive leads you can create Lightbox Overlay (Popup), ThriveBox 2-Step OptinOptin, Widget In-Content Form, Ribbon Slide-In Screen Filler, Content Lock, Multi-Step Forms.

It also has A/B testing feature. Thrive Leads is so incredible that even one the best entrepreneur Neil Patel is using Thrive Leads for his blogs. ​Its a Must-Have-Plugin.

Keyword Tools

Cost: $99.95/month 

SEMrush is the holy grail of most profitable keywords. SEMrush is one of the best SEO tools that is available in the market. An awesome tool when it comes to keyword research.

Using SEMrush you will be able to spy on your competitors by finding what they are ranking for the keywords and you can steal you competitors' search engine traffic. 

SEMrush is quite expensive but worth the money.​ You can also check my SEMrush review

Cost: $25/month 

Long Tail Pro is another one the best tools to for keyword research. It a paid tool which you can use to find profitable keywords for optimizing your content for search engines and increasing your traffic. 

It is one of my favorite SEO tool. ​You can try LongTailPro for 7 Days for only $1.

Cost: FREE 

A free keyword research tool by Google. It is an important tool for my keyword research. Actually its my first place to start with my research.

Content Builder

Cost: $67 

Creating beautiful, engaging and visually impressive content & layouts in WordPress has never been easier! 

Content Builder has more that 41,119 users till date (including me :) ) I have been using Thrive content builder for building my landing pages and creating my regular blog posts.

If you have Thrive Themes you don't even need any other landing page builder. ​

Graphic Design

Cost: FREE 

Canva is tool for non designers to create images like a Pro. Canva has tons of free templates which you can use to create really stunning images for your website, Facebook, Twitter, eBook covers etc. 

Honestly, I am not a designer and to create images for my blog was very tough task and learning a quite complicate software like Photoshop is quite intimidating. ​But I don't need learn Photoshop anymore. 

Now I use Canva to create images for my blog posts. ​It has drag and drop type of interface. The best part about Canva is that its FREE. 

Cost: $9.99/month 

I use Photoshop is some special cases like ​When I need a images with transparent background.

Though Canva allows downloading images with transparent background but unfortunately not in free version. You need to subscribe to their plan which i think is lit bit on the expensive side.  

That's why I use Photoshop, though I am just a beginner :)

Proofreading Tools

Cost: FREE 

​Grammarly is an advanced grammar and spells checker tool. Proofreading is certainly the most important thing you need to do before publishing any piece of content. But honestly, proofreading is not easy task, it takes lot of time and work.

But that not the case anymore because I now use Grammarly. It checks for grammatical errors almost everywhere or anything I write across the browser. You can also check my review of Grammarly. ​

The best part is that its FREE!  

E-Mail Marketing

Cost: FREE 

​Mailchimp is an excellent Email marketing service. I use Mailchimp for most of my blogs. It is very popular among users.

Mailchimp is highly recommended for newbies. Because Mailchimp has a forever free plan under which Mailchimp is free as long as you don't exceed over 2,000 subscribers and also you can send upto 12,000 emails every month FREE!

Cost: $15/month 

Another Email marketing which I love. I think Getresponse is the best Email Marketing platform. I use GetResponse on some of my blogs but planning to completely move to GetResponse from Mailchimp soon.  

The best thing about Getresponse that you can create and publish high-converting squeeze, video, and promo pages with their drag-and-drop editor. 

They also offer 30 days trial.


Cost: $6.75/month 

MaxCDN is a content delivery system. It is certainly the best and most affordable CDN providers for WordPress. As you now site speed is one the most important ranking factors used by Google. So speeding your site is very crucial.

​I use MaxCDN only one of my website and it does improve the site loading speed a lot.

You can use a special coupon for 25% off: maxcdncoupon

Cost: FREE 

When it comes to the best free CDN, then no one come close to CloudFlare. CloudFlare is very popular among the users, just not because it is free but because of awesome features as well. 

I use CloudFlare on most of my WordPress sites. The best thing about Cloudflare is that it also provides a free SSL certificate for your website.

You cam check my step by step guide to properly setup CloudFlare on your WordPress blog

Screen Capturing Tools

Cost: $45.95 

Snagit is the best screen capture software because of its amazing capturing and editing features. 

I have been using Snagit​ for four years and till now it regard it as the best of the rest. 

I use Snagit to capturing images and edit them for all my blog posts. ​I will highly recommend Snagit. You can also try Snagit free for 30 days. 

Cost: $199 

The only tool you need for recording and editing video like a Pro. With Camtasia it is very easy to create interactive videos. Even a non-professionals can create really stunning videos.

Like SnagIt, you can also try Camtasia free for 30 Days.

Social Media Management

Cost: FREE 

Buffer allows you to create the posting schedule for each of the social media accounts under a single dashboard.

Honestly, It is not possible for me to post updates every 10 minutes or an hour on my social media account. So that's why I use Buffer, I schedule all my post updates for each of my social media account and Buffer automatically post the schedule updates.   ​

With Buffer free account you can only connect one profile per platform. 

More Blogging Tools and Resources

Cost: FREE 

Google analytics is a free web analytic service offered by Google. You need to have it installed. 

It helps you to analyse traffic pattern of your website and you can also link it to other Google products like Google Search Console, Google AdSense etc. 

Cost: FREE 

Buzzsumo allows you to spy on my competitors and find out which of their content is attracting social shares and backlinks. 

Buzzsumo also helps me to find the most popular content in my niche based on social shares, backlinks etc. 

Cost: FREE 

Headline Analyzer is a free tool by CoSchedule to help you to write best headline for you blog post. 

This analyzer will score your overall headline quality and rate it on its ability to attract shares, traffic and SEO value.


Cost: FREE 

I use Evernote to manage my notes, brainstorming and for capturing of ideas for my blog posts.  

Cost: FREE 

I use Google Calendar as an editorial calendar.

Cost: FREE 

My To-do list app. The best thing about keep is that it is available on every platform I use. 

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