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How To Set Up Custom Domain Name On Blogger

Do you want to setup custom domain name for your Blogspot blog? If yes then, this step by step guide will surely help you. 

Free blogging platform like BlogSpot and offers a free domain name. And if you are using the free domain name for your blog then I would highly recommend using a custom domain name instead.

For a newbie let me clear your doubts about the free domain name and a custom domain name.

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Why You Should Use Custom Domain Name For Your Blog

Why You Should Prefer Custom Domain Name-Many of the newbies who want to start a blog go for Blogspot as their blogging platform. There could be many reasons for this choice. For a new blog, it is understandable that you opt for Blogspot platform instead of going for self-hosted blogging platform like WordPress.

You can check the article on Blogger/BlogSpot or WordPress: Which is better. In the earlier post about blogging, I have already discussed with you How you can create or start your own Blogspot blog . You can be tempted to Blogspot platform for many reasons , some of the tops I will discuss as to why you opt for Blogspot Blog.

Few of the reasons:

  • Free blogging platform
  • Zero investment
  • Usually, high return depends on your work
  • No professional skills required for blogging
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free .blogspot domain name
  • Good for bloggers those do blogging as hobbies
  • Free hosting

Custom-Domain- Name-For- Your-Blog
Top Reasons Why You Should Use Custom Domain Name For Your Blog

  • Seriousness Towards Blogging

    Yes, you heard it right. using .blogspot domain name reflect that you are not a serious blogger. It means that you are blogging just as a hobby. And you think you are a serious blogger ,it reflects that you don’t want to spend some money on something you like. So go for it and have a custom domain name now.

  • Branding

    You can brand yourself easily by using your own custom name for your blog.You can choose your own favicon,logo, Banners etc.

  • Custom Email Address

    With custom domain name you can have a custom email address of your domain name. With custom domain name you can have a custom E-mail address like the one ([email protected]). It’s amazing.

  • SEO Advantage

    The most important of all.When you migrate to other hosting platforms custom domain name will ensure that your migration is fruitful and your migration is more search engine optimized or friendly.You will have more exposure to web engines and your blog traffic must increase.

  • Buying Domain Is Cheap

    You can buy domain name .com, .org that are actually cheap but if your budget is too low you can buy a domain name with .info that cost you around 1$-4$ .Buying domain name .com or .org only cost you around 10$-15$ per year.So go for your domain name. I have recommended some of the Best Websites To Buy Inexpensive Domain Name.

  • Away From Spammers

    It is often targeted by spammers as it is free platform and thus are less trusted by Processional Bloggers.

  • Monetize Your Blog

    Some of the top companies that offer you to monetize your blog don’t accept blog with domain name , take the case of Buysellads they never accept the blogs that  have domain name or others that mean they only accept application of blogs that have custom domain name i.e .com, and much more.

How To Start with Custom Domain In Blogger/BlogSpot

So if you have to make up your mind that you are going with the suggestions of IncredibleDreamers You should do take following steps right away.

  • Find a domain name
    You should use a perfect custom domain name for your blog.You should use a name that is brandable and if you are thinking of using your own name as domain name then I am not giving this a thumb up. Yes, you should not use your personal domain.
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Go for it and buy a Branded Domain Name for your blog. If you enjoyed the article, then don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Google Plus. Also, do subscribe for updates.