Clean Options WordPress Plugin To Delete Orphan Tables From Database

Clean Options WordPress Plugin To Delete Orphan Tables and Optimize Database: WordPress is no doubt the best blogging platform with lots of plugins for your WordPress blog. Indeed it is the blogging platform for SEO lovers. But there are many things we need to look after regular intervals for our WordPress optimization.

Optimization can be related to your WordPress theme or database. While using WordPress, we install and uninstall countless plugins over time. When we install a plugin, it adds tables into database but when we uninstall or delete a plugin it doesn’t delete that options tables created by that particular plugin.

This not only results in many orphan options created by the plugin but it also increases database size as these options table are useless.

clean options to delete orphan tables and optimize database

So to uninstall a WordPress plugin completely, you must delete those option tables created by plugin. So in this post I will be discussing about Clean Options WordPress plugin which will help you to find orphaned tables from your database and delete them completely and thus optimizing your database.

Before we shall proceed, I would highly recommend you to take backup of your WordPress database.

How To Use Clean Options Plugin To Optimize WordPress Database 

Clean Options is one of the best and oldest WordPress plugin that is used to delete orphan table created by plugins as a result optimizes your site database. Check out this plugin here. Install and activate Clean Options WordPress plugin

Once you have activated it click on “Tools” > “Clean Options”, now click on “Find Orphaned Options”. Now you will see list of orphaned options.

find orphaned options using clean options

Make sure you do not delete all the options. You should manually check options by plugin name and if you have uninstalled the plugin, you can select options of that particular plugin.

If you have any doubt you can Google it to find which plugin added that options. Once you have selected all the options that you want to remove or delete, click on “View Selected Options Information.”

select options to delete and optimize database

On the next page you will see the data associated with selected options click on “Submit” and all options will be deleted.

submit options to optimize database

You should use clean options with caution and do take backup of your database before using this plugin. Make sure that you are deleting options of only uninstalled plugins.

If you have any query please ask via comments. Feel free to suggest any other WordPress plugin to delete these useless options. If you enjoyed the article, do share on Google+ and Facebook and subscribe for future updates.

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