Essential Settings after Installing WordPress

Essential Settings After Installing WordPress : Installed WordPress and wondering what next? Then this guide is for you.You should do these essential settings after installing WordPress. You will learn how to set up WordPress after fresh WordPress installation. I have discussed How to install WordPress on BlueHost. If you are looking to install WordPress on another hosting, you should refer to:

Essential WordPress Settings

After Installing WordPress you should setup your blog in right manner. This is the list of best and essential setting I would recommend you to follow after installing WordPress.

Essential WordPress  Settings After Installation

When You install WordPress, it is a stock installation with dummy stuff like a post, comments, page. So you should start with the essential things you need to make before you make it ready for the public. So the essential things or settings after WordPress installation are:

Site Title And Tagline

Site title and site tagline are one of the most important things you should do after installing WordPress. It represents your site. Site title means the name of your site and Site Tagline must be a list that reflects your site content or it can be a slogan of your site.I would recommend keeping these lines as small as possible.

Go to Settings>General and there you would see Site Title and Tagline, just fill these fields. Like the one in the screenshot:

SEO WordPress Title

Delete Default Posts,Pages And Comments

When you log in to your WordPress dashboard for the first time you will see dummy page named “Sample Page”, Dummy comment named “Sample Comment”,Dummy Post named”Hello World”.

Login into your WordPress Dashboard and go to Pages>All Pages and click on trash to delete the Sample Page. Similarly, delete the Sample Post And Sample Comment.

WordPress Dummy Page

Set Up WordPress  Permalinks

By default the permalink activated for your WordPress posts goes like this:

http://www.yourdomain.com/p=123. This permalink looks short and you can be tempted by this but it is not good for SEO of your website.You need to change the permalink to make if search engine friendly.For making your permalinks search engine friendly, I would recommend you to change your permalinks to Post Name Permalinks.Follow these steps:

Go to Settings>Permalink and select the Post Name and click on Save. This permalink would change and make your permalink SEO friendly as it will contain some keywords and this will rank your site better in search results.

Best WordPress Permalink For SEO

If you already running a WordPress blog and you would like to change your permalink to make it search engine friendly,

WordPress Discussion/Comment Settings

Go to Settings>Discussion  and change your comment settings. As these Settings could not be discussed one by one.You Would follow the screenshot and mark all the field as shown in the screenshot.

WordPress Comment setting

WordPress Ping List 

By default WordPress Ping list only contain one ping service.This means your posts are notified to only one Ping Service.So to notify more services you can do it by extending your Ping Service list.

Go to Settings>Writing. You can get full ping list on this page: WordPress Ping List.

Disable User Registration 

If you want to create WordPress site which allows guest posting then you can skip this step.But if you are a sole writer and don’t need people to register.Then you should follow these settings to stop spam registration.

Go to Settings>General and Un-check “Anyone can Register field“.

Avoid WordPress spam registration

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Have you Finished With These Settings and setting up WordPress? It’s time to move on and learn few more aspects of WordPress.

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