Guide To Fix Featured Image issues In WordPress Using Plugins

fix wordpress featured image issues using plugins

Featured image or Post thumbnail is one of the most important aspects of a WordPress blog.

Featured image is a feature of WordPress theme and almost all the themes support this feature. Also, they make blog visually appealing.


But sometimes you may come across Featured image related issues.

So today in this article, I will be sharing with you some WordPress plugins to fix featured image issues.

Common WordPress Featured Image Issues

Now let us have a look at various WordPress Featured images issues, which you may face:

  • Missing Post thumbnails
  • Featured images are too large and need to be resized.
  • Featured images appear twice in posts
  • Missing featured image or post thumbnails in RSS feed
  • Duplicate Featured image issues in WordPress
  • Lack of option to make Featured image necessary for all blog authors.

Plugins To Solve These WordPress Featured Image Issues

After discussing various possible issues with a featured image which you may come across now we must have a look at these list of plugins to solve these featured image issues in WordPress.

If you are new to WordPress follow this guide on how to install WordPress plugins.

#1 Regenerate Thumbnails

By default, WordPress do not resize images. So when you use a new theme your previously uploaded ones are affected.

These thumbnails need to be resized according to your new theme or Post thumbnails dimensions. And it is very difficult to resize these images one by one.

This is exactly where Regenerate Thumbnails WordPress plugin comes to our rescue.

Install and activate Regenerate Thumbnails, once you have installed and activated the plugin go to “Tools” > “Regen. Thumbnails”, click on “Regenerate All Thumbnails” button.

Now your all uploaded images will be resized automatically. You can also use this plugin to regenerate thumbnails for individual images by visiting Media > Library.

#2 Auto Post Thumbnail

Sometimes you need to add thumbnails to old posts that are missing post thumbnails or featured image.

And adding these manually is a headache and consumes a lot of your invaluable time.

But not anymore 🙂

Auto Post Thumbnail make it easy by regenerating and automatically adding thumbnails to posts which don’t have a pre-specified Post-Thumbnail.

Post-Thumbnail uses first post image as Post Thumbnail. Just install and activate Auto Post Thumbnail.

Now go to “Settings” > “Auto Post Thumbnail”, click on “Generate Thumbnails” button.

You can also add post thumbnail via URL using the custom field parameter: skip_post_thumb.

It also fixes featured image appearing twice in WordPress posts.

#3 Require Featured Image

If you run a multi-author blog then this plugin in one of the must have plugins.

This plugin as the name suggests makes adding thumbnails a required action for every blog author.

It also displays a warning message if no featured image is set. Install and activate Require Featured Image plugin and this will disable the Publish or Update button on the post editor until Featured Image is set.

#4 Multiple Post Thumbnails

This awesome plugin allows you to assign more than one images as thumbnails to a post. Just install and activate Multiple Post Thumbnails.

To make this plugin work, you just need to add code manually. You can get all codes and its detail at plugin’s details page.

#5 Featured Images In RSS w/ Size and Position

If you want to include featured images in your blog’s RSS feed, then you this awesome plugin is for you.

If you are new to WordPress then consider this step by step guide on how to burn feed and setup FeedBurner in WordPress.

It also allows you to specify the size and position for the thumbnails to be included.

Install and activate Featured Images In RSS w/ Size and Position plugin.

After installing, go to “Settings” > “Featured Images In RSS Feeds“, now select an appropriate thumbnail size and position. That’s it!

Wrapping It Up

Featured images are very important for any blog but sometimes we may come across several featured image related issues. Agree?

But I hope that after going using these plugins you will be able to fix most of your featured image issues.

Also, I would recommend you to use quality images on your blog.

If you want, you can check the list of 53 websites for getting stunning images for free.

If you enjoyed the article please share it on Facebook and Google+ also do subscribe for Updates. For queries and feedback please do leave a comment.

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