Guide To Fix The Internal Server Error In WordPress

How To Fix Internal Server Error In WordPress: If you are a WordPress user then you would have seen HTTP 500 internal server error quite a few times. Internal Server Error is common WordPress error that most of the newbies are afraid of. In WordPress, its normal to get errors but the good thing is that all these errors are fixable.

I have already discussed error establishing a database connection and memory exhausted error in WordPress. Now the next one is Internal Server Error In WordPress.

In this article, I will be discussing how you can fix the internal Server error in WordPress. But before discussing the solutions you should know the reasons for getting this error.

Why You Get Internal Server Error In WordPress?

Internal server error is not just limited to WordPress but everything else running on the server. You can’t find the actual reason for getting this error. But it is often caused by plugin or theme functions.

Corrupted .htaccess and PHP memory limit is the other possible causes of internal server error.

Now go through all possible fixes one by one and check if you will be able to fix internal server error in WordPress.

Steps To Fix Internal Server Error In WordPress

fix wordpress internal server error

Check For Corrupt .htaccess

Checking for corrupted .htaccess is the first thing you need to do if you have got Internal Server Error. You can do so by renaming your .htaccess file located in your WordPress directory to .htaccess_old.

Once you have renamed your .htaccess file, trying loading your WordPress site to check if your problem is fixed. If you are getting internal server error because of corrupted .htaccess then by renaming .htaccess you must be able to load your site.

To make sure your post do not return a 404 error, go to Settings >> Permalinks and click on Save Changes. This will generate a new .htaccess file with proper rewrite rules.

If this solution didn’t work for you then continue reading the article for possible solutions.

Increase The PHP Memory Limit

Sometimes if you are exhausting PHP memory limit you can get internal server error. To fix the issues you need to increase your PHP memory limit. You can check the article on 5 ways to increase PHP Memory Limit in WordPress.

In case if you are getting Internal Server Error when you are trying to login to your WordPress dashboard or uploading an image you should consider increasing PHP memory limit using the php.ini method.

Just create a blank text file and name it php.ini and paste the following code inside it


Now save the file and upload it to /wp-admin/ folder using FTP.

Most of the times you will be able to fix internal server error by increasing PHP memory limit. If the error is still not resolved then continue reading this article.

Deactivate All Plugins

Internal server error in WordPress can also be caused by some specific plugin or combination of plugins. And there is no shortcut to finding the plugin responsible for the error. You need to deactivate all WordPress plugins at once.

If you are finished with deactivating the plugins, try to load your WordPress site and check if it is fixed. If disabling the plugins fixed the error then surely a plugin is causing the internal server error.

Now reactivate plugins one plugin at a time while loading & checking your site until you find that plugin that caused the error. Get rid of that WordPress plugin that caused the issue.

If deactivating all plugins solution didn’t work for you then continue reading the article.

Re-Uploading WordPress Core Files

This solution is highly useful if internal server error in WordPress is due to a corrupt file. If this is the case then re-uploading wp-admin and wp-includes folder from a fresh WordPress install can solve the issue.

Alternatively, in your WordPress dashboard go to Updates and click on Re-install Now button. You must reinstall WordPress from your WordPress dashboard only. Follow the screenshot for help.


Don’t worry this solution will not remove any of your personal information like posts, plugins etc. If this solution didn’t work for you then you should consider next solution

Contact Your Hosting Provider

If none of the solutions works then you need to contact your hosting provider. They will better assist you in fixing internal server error in WordPress by looking at your server logs.

If your WordPress blog is hosted on any of the recommended hosting providers then you will get quality support within minutes.

These are solutions that I know can fix internal server error in WordPress. Do let me know if any of the solutions worked for you?

Please contribute to the article if you know any other solution to fix internal server error.

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