7 Best Free Online Proofreading Tools (Grammar Checker)

free online proofreading tool

Are you looking for Online Proofreading Tools?

If yes! Then I am sure you will love this guide. With this guide, you will discover best proofreading tools for proofreading like a PRO.

But why we even need these online proofreading tools?

If you are a blogger like me then you will agree when I say:

“The most important thing in blogging is quality content writing.”


But writing quality content is not the easiest thing to do. No matter how good you are, you will make grammatical mistakes while writing content.

Most of us spend most of the time on selecting and creating content to attract the targeted traffic, but we hardly care about proofreading.


No matter what you are sharing, you should proofread your article.

It gets even worse because:

English is not my first language, so every time while writing my content I usually question myself “Is my sentence grammatically correct?” In such cases, proofreading becomes crucial.

In such cases, proofreading becomes crucial.

Proofreading manually takes time, and the probability of identifying the error is very low. So I always use the online proofreading tools to check for the grammatical mistake.

These free grammar checker tools do various important tasks like checking grammatical mistakes including the check for punctuation errors, check for spelling mistakes, check for commas, etc.

Apart for these, proofreaders also test the article for incorrect active and passive voices, tenses, prepositions, etc.

It is better proofreading you article before you publish them with free online proofreaders and optimize your content.

So today in this article, I will be sharing some of the best free online proofreading services for the free grammar check. Remember that you must go through your article after proofreading because these

Remember that you must go through your article after proofreading because these proofreading tools might not be 100% accurate.

But they will still help you with grammar checking and in lowering the number of grammatical mistakes.

Best Online Proofreading Tools/Free Grammar Checker


1. Grammarly


Grammarly is the only tool you need. By far the best proofreading tool I come across during my blogging journey. I use and love this tool.

Grammarly is a complete tool with some advanced features. Not only proofreading but Grammarlyalso has plagiarism detection feature which is very useful for bloggers and content writers.

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Grammarly can be installed as an extension in all modern browsers like Google, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

So whether you are writing an email or writing something on Facebook, Twitter or whether you are writing your post, Grammarly will track everything and help you avoid mistakes while you are writing anything in your browser.

Grammarly also offers a Grammarly application for Windows and Grammarly plugin for Microsoft office.


Google Docs


It might sound crazy, but Google docs deserve to be here. Yes, Google docs is a super efficient proofreading tool.

Google docs have an inbuilt auto-correction feature which keeps on checking for mistakes while you write.

Not only a spell checker tool, but Google Docs is also a powerful online proofreading tool that allows format correction as well, thus making your content human-friendly.

Like Grammarly, Google Docs also make suggestion wherever there is a mistake.

Google docs automatically save your work in Google Drive so that you can edit your document from anywhere and anytime. When used correctly text to speech functionality can be a time saver.

Google docs also allow a lot of add-ons which you can use to extend its functionality. Add-ons like Consistency CheckerSend to WordPress etc. are quite useful.


After The Deadline (PolishMyWriting)


After The Deadline is also known as PolishMyWriting is another great online proofreading tool. It is entirely a free tool.

After The Deadline allows contextual spell checking as well as advanced style checking. Most importantly, After the deadline also allows intelligent grammar checking.

One feature that separates it from any other proofreading tool mentioned in this article is that it highlights the different type of error with different colors. Red color for spelling errors, Green color for grammar suggestion and Blue color for style idea.

After The Deadline is available as a plugin for WordPress, BuddyPress, bbPress etc. Not only this, it is available as an extension for chrome and firefox. Also as an add-on for Window live writer.




SlickWrite is another great grammar checker tool that is free of charge. It is a powerful tool to check your writing for grammatical errors and stylistic mistakes.

SlickWrite analysis your writing for list phrases, filter words, unusual words, passive as well as active voices and gives suggestion to improve your writing.

It analyses your writing for slang, weak descriptions, list phrases, filter words, uncommon words, passive as well as active voices and much more. SlickWrite gives suggestion to improve your writing skills over time. It is a professional online tool for proofreading your article.




PaperRater is another great tool for proofreading your articles. It is also a real-time tool. Not only checking spelling and grammatical errors, but PaperRater also analyses the content for vocabulary usage, sentence length, variability.

Apart for these PaperRater also allows passive voice detection, reliability statics, and phrases to avoid. And that all free!

One important feature to mention here is Plagiarism Detection. It allows you to check the originality of the content which is vital and that too free of cost.

PaperRater is indeed an impressive grammar checker tool.




Ginger is next in the list of best proofreading tools. It is available as an extension for Chrome, an add-on for word and it is also available for your android and ios devices.

Ginger free version allows Grammar checking and sentence reparsing. It automatically checks for spellings and common grammatical mistakes like the use of a, an, the, etc.

Like the above tools, Ginger also makes suggestions wherever there are mistakes.

But the thing I don’t like about that Ginger free version has the weekly limit. It means that when you reach a certain weekly limit, then Ginger will automatically switch to limited mode until the next Monday.

In the limited mode, Ginger will still highlight errors and show the correction bubble but you need to manually edit and correct the error which is, of course, time-consuming.




ProWritingAid is the last plugin that makes our list of best proofreading tools. It is a free online tool to checking spelling errors and grammatical errors. Apart from these essential features, it improves the readability by checking for hidden and passive verbs. It also locates repetitive sentences.

ProWritingAid eliminates vague, complex and abstract words. ProWritingAid is available as an app for Microsoft Word, Google docs and also as an extension for chrome.

Conclusion: Which Online Proofreading Tools Should You Use?

No matter in which profession you are, writing plays a very important part.  These are seven best online proofreading tools which you can use.

I use and recommend Grammarly.

The free version of Grammarly nearly does all the things you need to do while proofreading your articles.

If you are looking for only one recommendation, then the answer would be Grammarly. Use It because Its FREE!!

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These tools are quite helpful, and you should make use of these tools, but you should not underestimate the importance of manual proofreading.

As these tools are not perfect, so once your writing is finished, I would recommend manual proofreading at least once using these excellent tools.

Tip: Don’t ever publish your article without proofreading. Edit as soon as you come across any error.

That’s all! I have listed the best online free proofreading tools that you can use for proofreading.

Do let me know which tool you prefer. If you know any other proofreading tool worthy of the list, then please let me know via comments.

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