A Complete Guide To Get Free Virtual Credit Card (VCC) In India

Are you looking for free Virtual Credit Card in India?

If yes, this ultimate guide will list all the possible ways you can use to get a virtual credit card in India for FREE!

Some might wonder:

Why Virtual Credit Card?

I often make payment online for various services and products like web hosting, SEO tools, advertisements, etc.

And if you are a blogger like me or a freelance I am sure you too.

Owning a credit card is necessary in such cases because most of the Indian debit cards are not accepted everywhere.

So what can you do if you don’t have a credit card?

The solution is Virtual Credit Card Or VCC.

What is Virtual Credit Card (VCC)? 

Virtual credit card or VCC is a prepaid credit card. Virtual credit cards are the best and most secure option for making payments on the web.

VCC is an online service linked to your net banking account. When you are using a virtual credit card, your security is not compromised.

The virtual credit card can be used only once and if it is not used it will automatically expire in 24 hours. This card also has a prepaid limit, so merchants can not overcharge you when you are making a payment. Beyond the full balance and daily usage limit, you can not use funds.

Virtual Credit cards are very helpful if you don’t have an actual credit card. If you are from India and you don’t have a credit card, then you might face many difficulties in buying web hosting. Paying advertising fees etc.

In this article, I will be discussing various ways to create and get a virtual credit card. There are lots of ways to get a virtual credit card. So let’s get started:

Services Providing Virtual Credit Card India

You can use various apps and services listed below to get a free VCC.

1) EntroPay


Entropay offers free international virtual credit cards. No matter where you are you can create a virtual credit card with Entropay. You load money onto your card through your bank.

Entropay does charge high loading commission of 4.95% but don’t have any other option if you have to use VCC for international payments.

With Entropay, you can create unlimited prepaid credit card.

Also, One more thing I should mention here is about PayPal account. While creating a PayPal account in India, most of the user ask me that how to link their debit card to their PayPal account.

The answer is Paypal doesn’t allow debit card of most of the banks except ICCI Bank, AXIS Bank, HDFC Bank. The easiest solution to this is Entropay.

Yes! You can link your virtual credit card by EntroPay to your PayPal account.

Entropay doesn’t support 3D verification, so this is the reason why you can’t make payments to particular Indian merchants. But for making payments internationally, Entropay is flawless.

2) Payoneer


Another great service to get a prepaid MasterCard. Not only MasterCard, but you can also send and receive payments anywhere in the world.

Like Entropay, Payoneer also charges a fee to the users.

You can easily get a virtual credit card from Payoneer by creating an account.

Update: Payoneer is no more offering Prepaid MasterCard in India due to local restrictions.

3) FreeCharge Go MasterCard


Now comes Freecharge Go Mastercard. I have personally used this VCC for making payments in India. Creating a free prepaid virtual credit card is just a matter of seconds.

Yes! Bank and MasterCard powers Freecharge Go Mastercard. And you can use this free prepaid card across any online merchant in India. FreeCharge Go Mastercard supports 3D verification.

To get started all you need to signup for a Freecharge account and head over to Account section. And choose Freecharge Go MasterCard. Now you need to enter four-digit pin, and your card will be ready. Now load funds on your card.

You can load funds in Freecharge go MasterCard using your debit card or internet banking.

4) Pockets Wallet By ICICI Bank


ICICI Bank offers Pockets app for both Android and IOS devices. Being an ICICI customer is not necessary for using this app. You can use this app with or without ICICI bank account. With free virtual Visa credit card, you can make payment in India. But the only limitation of this app is that you can’t make payments outside India.

You can also get a physical credit card linked to your wallet which you can use for offline transactions.

5) Slonkit


Slonkit is basically a money management service. It offers a physical card instead of a virtual card. Slonkit offers Free VISA prepaid credit card. But this card can’t be used to withdraw money from ATM.

6) Lime Wallet By Axis Bank


It is a similar service to Pockets wallet by ICICI bank. Axis Bank offers a free virtual credit card powered by MasterCard to their wallet users. And like pocket wallet by ICICI bank, it is not possible to use this card internationally.

  • Download For Android

7) Oxigen Wallet Prepaid Card


Oxigen wallet also offers a free visa virtual credit card which you can use anywhere in India but not internationally.

8) Union Bank DigiPurse Wallet

digipurse-vcc india

Union Bank also offers its wallet services similar to ICICI bank and Axis bank. But this virtual credit card can be used to make international payments, unlike the above two wallet services. You need to download their app to start using their VCC.

Virtual Credit Card By Banks

Here are some of the banks that offer a virtual credit card to their customers.

1) SBI Virtual Credit Card


SBI one of the most popular banks in India also provides a virtual credit card to their clients. You can create your net banking account to create SBI virtual credit card. It is one of the most secure options because for making the payment you will receive OTP to approve the transaction.

The limit of this card is Rs 100 to Rs 50,000. The VCC automatically expires after one successful transaction or after 48 hours.

2) Kotak Mahindra Bank [email protected]


Kotak Mahindra Bank Net card is one of the best methods to get a virtual credit card in India. It offers free Kotak net card to their customers. But their virtual credit card only works internationally as they don’t support 3D verification.

One of the biggest limitations of Kotak Mahindra net card is that due to their limit of only one successful transaction this card can’t be used with PayPal.

3) HDFC Bank Netsafe Card

hdfc-netsafe-virtual-credit-card india

HDFC Bank also offers a virtual credit card to their customers for free. Their Netsafe card allows only one successful transaction in 48 hours.

Wrapping It Up

If you don’t want to have a credit card, then you can always use the virtual credit card or VCC. I have mentioned various ways to get a free virtual credit card.

So decide what you need and then apply for credit card. I hope this article helped you.

Do let me know your views on virtual credit cards. If you have any suggestion or query feel free to ask via comments and don’t forget to share this article on the internet. And if you want to boost your on-page SEO, then I highly recommend On-Page SEO guide.

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