Grammarly Review: The Only Proofreading Tool You Need For Writing Like A Pro

Grammarly review


Today, I gonna review a tool named Grammarly. But before moving to the review part, let me ask you a simple question i.e,

Is your English holding you back?

Have you ever written an article without committing any grammatical errors?

If yes, do you manually proofread your article or using any online proofreading tool?

Today you are going to see my favorite proofreading tool named Grammarly which I use to proofread my article within seconds.

Download Grammarly FREE!

Let’s dive right in:

Most of us do make grammatical mistakes while writing. And the situation gets even worse when English is not our first language.

It gets, even more, worse:

When a user leaves your site because of small grammatical mistakes, no matter how good is your article.

Whenever he finds any grammatical error or spelling errors in your blog post, the probability of a user leaving your site drastically increases.

Here’s the bottom line:

Your writing style and accuracy will definitely impact your blog success

Honestly, these typos and grammatical mistakes not only affect your site but are quite embarrassing. So it is recommended to proofread your article before publishing it.

But proofreading an article will take its time until you hire someone for proofreading.

Even after correcting an article for over an hour, the chances are there that we might skip the silliest mistakes.

So would you like a tool to help correct your article or blog post?

The tool is called Grammarly. Grammarly is a proofreading tool which not only checks your blog post but will check for grammar errors no matter if you are writing a mail, or send updates to your social media accounts, etc. this proofreader does it all!!!

The first time I discovered Grammarly, I was not sure how well it would work. So I decided to test and give it a go.

I started with the free version of Grammarly. And believe me, it was quite impressive even if it was a free version. Try it, and I am sure you will love it.

But for the past 3 or 4 weeks, I am using the premium version of Grammarly. After using it for so long, I decided to write about it.

In this Grammarly review, I will be discussing both its free as well as premium versions. And how you to use this grammar checker tool for finding grammatical errors and writing error free content.

What Is Grammarly?


After using, I believe Grammarly is the world’s best online grammar checker tool for proofreading your content.

Grammarly is an advanced grammar and spells checker tool that checks for grammatical errors almost everywhere or anything you write online.

It also offers vocabulary enhancements and has plagiarism checker to enhance your writing further. Though these are premium features.

It is regarded to be the world’s most accurate grammar checker.

Now lets us see how it works:

Grammarly Review: How It Works?


The best thing about Grammarly is it works everywhere. Even when you are writing an email or posting something on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

This helps because it’s better to correct your error than get embarrassed in front of millions of social network users.

No matter whether you are using Grammarly free or premium version, you will have access to all extensions Grammarly offers as well as its online editor.

It is available as an extension for Chrome, an extension for Firefox, extension for Safari, as a desktop app for Windows and as an add-in for Microsoft Office (Premium).

grammarly apps

Also, it also has its online editor.

So lets us see how it works:

1. Grammarly Browser Extension

Grammarly is available as an extension for most of the modern browsers even you are using its free version.

Just install the extension for free, and you are ready for it.

After you have installed the extension, It will check and eliminate your error whether you are writing anywhere across your browser.

Whether you are typing text somewhere like in WordPress, Facebook, Twitter or whether you are writing an email. Grammarly continuously checks for the errors, and it underlines them in real time.

Just click on edit in Grammarly.

correct with grammarly

A pop-up window will open into the browser and you can see the error are highlighted, and the suggestion is visible on right side of the content.

grammarly proofreading and grammar checking

It will offer suggestions when you hover over the mistakes. You can select the appropriate suggestion and it automatically replaces the error.

Grammarly continuously scans your content, and it does more than spell checking. It also checks for punctuation errors, incorrect use of modifiers and use of passive voice in the sentence.

2. Grammarly Editor (Web Version)

This excellent grammar checker has a web editor too. You need to create a free account. You can go with its free version.

After that login to Grammarly via a web browser.

On its dashboard, you can open a new document and start writing, or you can copy and paste your work, or you can upload your work by clicking the Upload button.


After few seconds, Grammarly will analyze your work for errors and will give suggestion with detailed explanation. You can select the correct word from the list of suggestions, and it will replace the errors.

So this way you can use this awesome tool as a grammar and spelling checker tool to write error free content.

3. Grammarly Add-in For Microsoft Office

If you like and use Microsoft word for your writing work, then Grammarly has an add-in for Microsoft Word also.

But for using this add-in, you need to have a premium account. With this add-in for Microsoft, you can use it in Word as well as Outlook.

To download this add-in, just log in to your dashboard and click on Apps in the left pane and click on Grammarly for Microsft Office.

Download the setup file and install it by double clicking it. Then, select both Microsoft Word as well as Outlook and click install.

After you are finished with installing the add-in for Microsoft, you need to enter your login credentials to active the plugins.

grammarly microsoft word addin

Now the Enable Grammarly option will appear in the menu bar as you can see in the screenshot.

Whenever you click on enable the Grammarly option, it will start analyzing your content for errors.

It will help you in writing you content free of grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, etc.

4. Grammarly Desktop Application For Windows

Grammarly has also introduced its desktop application for Windows.

The desktop app is same as the online editor. You need to log in with your login credentials. You can either start writing by clicking on new or you can also import you work for analyzing the grammatical errors.

Grammarly Premium Only Features

As I already told you earlier that Grammarly is more than just a grammar checker tool.

It also gives you the ability to write original content and super polish your work by suggesting vocabulary enhancements.

Remember you can use the following features only with its premium version.

1) Plagiarism Checker

grammarly plagiarism checker

One more impressive feature that Grammarly offers is plagiarism detection.

If you are reviewing a guest post or something like that, then you need to check if the material is original or copied. In such situation, you can use its plagiarism detection feature.

Grammarly claims to compare the article with over 8 billion pages. So when you enable this feature, then it will scan the article and checks if it is original or not.

During the scanning, if any sentence is a duplicate then, it will underline the whole sentence.

2) Vocabulary Enhancement

grammarly vocabulary enhancement

This is also a premium feature but one of the best feature that Grammarly offer.

Vocabulary enhancement feature allows you to enhance your sentences with its context optimized word choice suggestion to improve the readability of your document.

You can enable this feature from the left pane. After activation, Grammarly will analyze your content and suggest a different word to which are often repeated, thus improving readability.

Premium vs. Free Version: Is Grammarly Premium Worth It

is grammarly premium worth it

Grammarly offers both premium and free versions. Premium version has additional features.

The free version is worth a try. With the free version, you will get 100 points of Grammar. It also analyses your work for punctuation and contextual errors. It works anywhere on the web.

As far as Premium version is concerned, you will have access to Add-In for Microsoft Office. Premium version also has few exceptional features like Plagiarism detection and Vocabulary enhancement.

The free version will fix most of the grammatical error for you. And It will surely save your valuable time.

But the premium version is worth the upgrade. The premium plan starts @ $11.66 per month when billed annually.

Grammarly vs. Manual Proofreading: Is Grammarly 100% Accurate?

Can Grammarly replace manual proofreading/Human Proofreader?

The answer is NO!!

Grammarly is a tool and it can’t be 100% perfect, no matter what. When we use this tool, we start accepting all its suggestions without thinking for a second.

But We should remember that it a tool and can’t be 100% perfect. If you feel that there is nothing wrong with the sentence, then you should ignore the Grammarly suggestion.

It doesn’t offer context that a human proofreader offers. After analyzing your article with Grammarly, you must manually proofread your article at once.

Pros And Cons Of Grammarly Grammar Checker Tool


Grammarly is a complete grammar checker tool. There are many impressive features, some of them are:

  • Awesome and a must have tool for non-native English writers.
  • Excellent online grammar knowledge base.
  • Best Online Proofreading tool. No other tool can match this tool. A perfect replacement for any other tool including Microsoft Word.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Real-time plagiarism checking. Compare with over 8 billion web pages.
  • Vocabulary Enhancement feature is my favorite on the list. Improves the readability of your content.
  • It corrects with over 250 types of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.
  • Available almost everywhere. Available as an extension for most of the modern web browsers, a native desktop app for windows, an online editor and an add-in for Microsoft Office.


Hardly any cons in its functionality. Cons:

  • Must have an internet connection for using Grammarly. Can’t be used offline.
  • Not 100% perfect. Not a replacement for manual proofreading or Human proofreader.

I could find only two cons and how useful this tool is. Use Grammarly, and if you find any other limitation, I will include on my list.

My Personal Experience: How Grammarly Helped Me?

Now its time to share my personal experience.

When I started blogging, I used Window live writer for writing my articles, but as the time pass by I switched over to MS Word and WordPress editor (installed locally) for error-free writing.

But Grammarly has changed the way I write. I no more depend on inbuilt grammar checker in MS Word. Grammarly not only detect and suggest errors but it also allows us to know the type of mistakes.

Not only writing my blog post. I love this tool because of the ability to scan for errors where ever I write something across my browser.

Whether I am writing emails, writing something on my social media platforms, Grammarly always scans for errors and make suggestions, so that I never get embarrassed because of my mistakes.

Conclusion: Should You Use Grammarly?

It may not be a replacement for manual proofreading, but it does make manual proofreading lot more easy.

Sometimes during manual proofreading, we may skip some errors, but Grammarly will quickly detect it.

So it’s better first to analyze article with Grammarly and correct most of the mistakes, and then manual proofread at least once before publishing it.

Honestly, I was amazed by what it does.

Now matter what you are writing, Grammarly will make writing lot easier. I have never seen any tool like this in my blogging journey. From the very first day I started loving Grammarly.

Give Grammarly a try, and I am sure you will love it too. I strongly recommend it to each and every blogger who want error free writing.

Do let me know your experience with Grammarly. Have you faced any issue with it? Do you know any other tool that is as incredible as this one? Please let me what you think in the comment section.

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