6 Crucial Guest Posting Tips You Need To Know Right Now

We all want the best for our blog.

We want it to have 50,000 or more traffic every month. We want it to rank on the first page. We want it to be the talk of every popular social media sites. And we want to generate extra income in a consistent manner.

That is why we do our best when it comes to writing posts and all the efforts that need to be done in order for our blog to reach the highest status in giant search engines like Google and Yahoo, but most especially, Google. That is why we do guest posting so we can take advantage and borrow traffic from those popular sites.

Guest blogging is a marketing strategy that can:

  • Build authority
  • Generate leads
  • Develop relationship with renowned influences in your field
  • Increase brand awareness

Yes, we are willing to do everything, but what are the things that we should NOT do when guest posting?

If you want to know, please read on and learn a thing or two:


#1 Don't Overstuff Links

Do not treat the site admin as an ignorant fellow. Putting 5 links of your blog in the first paragraph is not going to get your article accepted.

Besides, overstuffing links in one post will only make Google penalize your site. And you know what that means. Yes, a negative score for your ranking.

If you want to place a link to your blog on the article, make sure that it is relevant to the topic and will add information and value to the post.

I know you desperately need some backlinking but putting an obvious number of links to your site is not going to help you. If anything, it will do you worse.

Remember: One or two links in the body which add value to your article and one in your author’s bio is enough.

Guest Posting Tips: #1 Don't Overstuff Links.

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#2 Never Participate in Brand Shaming Within Your Post

Saying bad things about other brand is unethical and reflects your attitude as a person and as an authority.

Always be on the positive side of the point of views. Promote only the good and the greatest when you are writing whether for your own blog or for guest posting.

Keep in mind that it is not going to make you popular and trustworthy in your field if all you do is saying negative and bad things against your competitors. It will only make you sound bitter.

If there are negative things about another brand, let your readers announce it for you in the comment box. Do not lift your own chair.

Guest Posting Tips: #2 Never participate in brand shaming within your post.

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#3 Don't Prioritize SEO

Like I said, all bloggers know when your article is optimized to only get traffic and prioritize SEO. Expect to be rejected as soon as they receive your piece.

What you should do is focus on the quality of your article because it will give an impression that you really know what you are talking about and therefore, the reader will follow any link that you put inside the body.

And if you want to be accepted as a guest blogger, show them that you are worth it. Guest posting should work both ways; you and the site admin should benefit from it.

Guest Posting Tips: #3 Don't prioritize SEO.

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#4 Don't Be Afraid To Take a Strong Stance

Your opinion is what makes you who you are as a blogger. So always make it a point to fact-check every information that you share on your articles.

If you think your opinion is unique and does not go in line with other popular subjects, do not be so quick to change your mind. If you are certain that yours is the right information, take a stand and keep at it.

Just know when you are wrong and admit it. Otherwise, stand for it.

Guest Posting Tips: #4 Don't be afraid to take a Strong Stance.

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#5 Don't Forget to Monitor and Respond To Comments

If your readers leave a comment for your article, be grateful and always respond as much as you can. People feel glad when their thoughts are being recognized even from a simple gesture of saying “thank you”.

Besides, posting an article means you are initiating a topic to talk about. Your article is the topic to start a conversation so talk and converse.

Guest Posting Tips: #5 Don't forget to monitor and respond to Comments.

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#6 Don't Forget to Leave a Call-to-Action Statement

It is a simple tactic but quite effective.

Top blogger and entrepreneur Neil Patel always gives advice that every time you write a post, make sure that you encourage your reader to leave a comment at the end.

You have written a top quality post so expect your reader to be responsive. If you believe that you have made a very convincing stance on your article then believe that you can make them do something in return for you.

Ask them to leave a comment or visit a site for more reference and information regarding the topic that you have discussed. See the last paragraph as an example.

Guest Posting Tips: #6 Don't forget to leave a Call-to-Action statement.

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Wrapping it Up

Guest Posting is great way to highlight yourself in front of the audience and making a name for yourself.

Not only Guest posting helps in personal branding but it helps you to acquire quality backlinks from the authority blogs.

But you can only take advantages of these opportunities if you stay professional and stop making silly mistakes that can dampen your chances of ​getting your guest post published.

When You Are Guest Posting Always Remember:

  • Don't Overstuff links.
  • ​​Never Participate in Brand Shaming.
  • P​rioritize Quality over SEO.
  • ​​Take a Strong Stance.
  • Monitor and Respond to Comments.
  • Place a Call-to-Action at end of your Article.

I hope that by implementing these tips you will have much better chances of getting your guest post published.

If you have an idea or two to add to this topic, please feel free to leave it in the comment box and let us talk about it.

This is a guest contribution from Wade Lang. Wade is a essayist at Wedoeassy. If you would like to contribute to BroughtMeUp, then please read our guest blogging guidelines.


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