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Are you looking to start a blog on the Blogspot blogging platform, then you are in the right place. Let’s dive right in…

Today I am going to show How you can create a blog on BlogSpot and start a blog and share your blogging skills with the world.

Blogging is an art and a way to spread your ideas to the world. It also provides an opportunity for the blogger to earn from your blog.

Hey, Guys if you have any ideas that you think you want to deliver to the world so this topic is for you; all the Incredibles.

You can create and start a blog as a hobby or if you a serious blogger you are thinking of blogging then you can start a blog on BlogSpot for free with no skills required.

BlogSpot is a platform that helps you to create a blog. Starting your blog with blogger is a free and simple process.

You can choose any theme as well as you can upload any template of your own.

So let’s start with the steps how to create a blog. Also, you can earn money from it by using Google Adsense and Various Affiliate Programs. You can also follow my guide on how to create Adsense account in just a minute.


For The Convenience Of Incredibles, We Have Provided You With Images To Help You How To Create A Blog

IMPORTANT–  If You Don’t Have A Gmail Account Then You Can Create Gmail Account.
Click Here To Create Gmail Account.

  1. Go to Blogger.com 
  2. Now log in with your Gmail Id
  3. Now click on CREATE NEW BLOG
  4. Now a window will open now enter the name of your blog (like I have given “create sample blog” in the images below)Create BlogSpot Blog
  5. Now give a blog address (like I have given createsampleblog.blogspot.com)
  6. NOTE– When you try to give a name to your blog then it will check for its availability. If the name is available then only you can have those address for your blog.
  7. Click on “Create blog”.
  8. Now you will see that your Blog is created.Create BlogSpot Blog

Now we just finished the article. Create a free blog on Blogger/Blogspot and have fun blogging.

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