How To Make Money With HostGator Affiliate Program

Looking for making money with Hostgator Affiliate Program? If yes, then today you will learn everything to be a successful HostGator Affiliate.

HostGator is indeed one of the best web hosting providers and like any other hosting company it has its own affiliate program.

If you are new to Hostgator, you should check out my Hostgator review.

I have been a Hostgator affiliate partner for over 2 years and making almost $350+ every month.

HostGator affiliate program is one of such affiliate programs that pay instantly.

I have been using Hostgator hosting for all my websites and even BroughtMeUp is hosted on Hostgator. It offers unlimited hosting and quality customer support.

Till date I haven’t faced any issue with my hosting, that’s why I strongly recommend Hostgator hosting.

If you looking to buy hosting you can use the special link below:

You can make money from Hostgator hosting instead of paying for hosting through their affiliate program. For every successful referral, they pay minimum $50.

In this article, I will be sharing various aspects of Hostgator affiliate program and how you can make money with their affiliate program.

How To Signup For HostGator Affiliate Program And Get Started

Anyone can join HostGator affiliate program for free, you don’t need to have a hosting account with them.

Just go to Hostgator Affiliate Program page and click on Signup For Free button and complete the signup process.

Now you can use your affiliate URL for referral purpose.

For getting your referral link, just log in to your HostGator affiliate dashboard and there you can see the referral link as in the screenshot:

Payment Options

Once you are signed up with Hostgator affiliate program you need to update your payment option. Hostgator affiliate payout is $100.

They offer two payment options. You can select either Check or PayPal method.

I would recommend you to choose PayPal over check method because PayPal is quite easy and fast. Here is a guide on how to create and verify Indian PayPal account.

hostgator affiliate payment option

How To Create Custom Coupon Code In Hostgator Affiliate Program

Hostgator allows you to create the custom coupon code for two offers 25% off and $9.94 off. But custom code coupon number is limited to 10.

For creating promo code/coupon code, login to your HostGator affiliate dashboard and click on Ads, then Promo Codes and click on Request Promo Code.

promo code hostgator affiliate program

Now in the next window, you need to provide the details of the promo code. Please make sure you select the deal i.e 25% Off or 1 Penny deal.

Also, you need to enter unique promo code otherwise your request for promo code will not be approved. Your promo code should be unique.

You should use your website or blog name while creating Hostgator coupon code.

For example “BROUGHTMEUP” and “BROUGHTMEUP25” coupon codes that I have created.

request hostgator promo code

Be careful and don’t use your own created coupon for signing up.

How Much Can You Earn With Hostgator’s Affiliate Program 

HostGator is one of the highest paying hosting affiliate program. More the referrals more you can earn from the Hostgator affiliate program. Simple as that!

They pay according to number of referrals per month i.e,

  • 1-5 : $50/sign-up
  • 6-10 : $75/sign-up
  • 11-20 : $100/sign-up
  • 21+ : $125/sign-up

hostgator earning per signup

Now based on the number of people you refer you will be earning as follows:

  • 10* $75: $750
  • 17* $100: $1700
  • 21 *$125: $2625

Killer Tips To Make Most of Hostgator’s Affiliate Program

Now you have are ready with your HostGator affiliate account.

It’s time to generate your first sale.

Are you ready?

Then here we go:

Killer Tip 1: Write a Review

Reviews are the simplest yet most effective way to generate your first sale.


The best part about reviews is:

They are the source of passive income. Means you need to write a review once and your review and generate sales for the rest of your life.

That’s crazy!

So write a high-quality review with super cool yet informative images and make sure to add your affiliate link inside your review post.

One more point I need to make here:

Make sure to promote your review post after you have written it. Because, If you don’t promote it, then no traffic and no conversions, no matter how good your post is.

Killer Tip 2: Promote Special Offers

HostGator offers great deals and discount on special days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Year day etc.

Make sure you take advantage of these special offers and then, promote them to your audience.

Special Offers are a great way to make quick sales as HostGator offers huge discounts that no one wants to miss.

Killer Tip 3: Offer Incentives

I have been using this technique and it works better than every other technique. Offering incentives is like

You scratch my back I’ll scratch Yours

You may have noticed some of the bloggers who offer free WordPress setup service. But there’s a catch.

Let me explain:

The free WordPress setup service is actually free for those who buy hosting using their’s affiliate link (blogger’s affiliate link).

This incentive technique works like a charm.

Incentives can be a free ebook, free blog consultation service etc.

Killer Tip 4: Use Banner and Links on Sidebars

The sidebar is a very crucial part of any blog. If used properly, the sidebar can help you to boost your page views, get more subscribers, boost lead generation etc.

You can use sidebars to add banners for promoting HostGator Hosting. HostGator has a huge range of banners to choose from based on size and color.

But what if I told you that using a simple technique can double or triple your conversions?

It sounds cool, right?

But you heard it right.

Instead of simply adding a banner to you sidebar, making it sticky can double or triple your conversions.

Follow this guide to make your banners sticky easily.

Hostgator Affiliate Program Review And Issues

Previously lots of users reported about many referrals shown as inactive. Actually, the reason was that HostGator pays only for an active account and not for inactive users i.e who signed up but never uploaded the website on their server.

So Many users had this issue and reported about unpaid payment and many referrals to be shown as inactive or fraud.

But now the HostGator affiliate program has moved to Impact radius platform and now there is no such issue like fraud or inactive referrals.

Also if your referred user signs up for another hosting account then your referral will be voided. Honestly, till now I haven’t faced such issues and successfully running it for over a year.

Do let me know much you money you are making with HostGator Affiliate program. And if yes, are you facing issues with their affiliate program in the comment section below.

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