WP Fastest Cache Plugin Recommended Settings For WordPress

install and setup wp fastest cache plugin

This guide will tell you everything you need know to setup WP Fastest Cache the right way to boost your website loading speed.


I don't need to tell you:

Website Loading time is Huge.

Loading time of your website not only affects user experience but also influences your search engine ranking.

Major search engines consider site loading time as one of the ranking signals. Means the faster blog are ranked higher are compared to slow sites.

The aim is to provide a better experience to the user.

The truth is that no one like a slow blog. Agree?

Now the question is: 

How can you boost your website loading speed? 

One of the fastest and the simplest way by using a cache mechanism. By using a cache plugin you can decrease the loading time of your WordPress blog.

There are many quality cache plugins available for your WordPress site like WP Rocket, W3-Total cache, WP Super cache, WP Fastest cache etc.

I had previously compared them. Checkout best WordPress cache plugins.

One of the BroughtMeUp users asked me to test WP Fastest cache plugin and for the past few weeks I have been testing WP Fastest cache plugin.

And I must say I was amazed by the results I got.

So In this article, I will be sharing how to install and setup WP Fastest Cache plugin for a faster WordPress blog.

Why WP Fastest Cache?

WP Fastest cache is a cache plugin that creates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress blog.

WP Fastest Cache speeds up your WordPress site by showing static HTML files to the visitors instead of making requests to your database again and again.

As a result preserving resources and serving your WordPress blog to the visitor fast.

So a cache plugin is a must for the faster serving of your website.

Features Of WP Fastest Cache

  • Mod_Rewrite is used
  • All cache files are automatically deleted after the post or page is published
  • Enable or disable cache option for Mobile and logged-in users
  • check
    SSL Support
  • check
    CDN Support
  • check
    Preload Cache
  • check
    Combine JS and CSS
  • check
    Leverage Browsing Caching
  • check
    Minify CSS, HTML
  • check
    Gzip Compression
  • check
    Block Cache for specific pages or post using shortcodes
  • check
    Cache Timeout.
  • Mobile Cache (Premium)
  • Image Optimization (Premium)
  • Combine JS Plus (Premium)
  • Cache Statics (Premium)
  • Delete Cache Logs (Premium)

Setting WP Fastest Cache Step By Step

First of all you need to install and activate WP Fastest Cache plugin

Once you plugin is activated, Click on WP Fastest Cache in the left panel of your WordPress dashboard. 

Now follow the steps for setting WP Fastest Cache. (use screenshot for better understanding)


WP Fastest Cache Setting Tab Configuration

Click on "Settings" tab and check the following:

  • Cache System (Enable)
  • Preload
  • Logged-in Users
  • Mobile
  • New Post
  • Update Post
  • Minify CSS
  • Combine CSS
  • Combine JS
  • Gzip
  • Browser Caching

Now select your "Language" and click "Submit".

Setup WP Fastest Cache Recommended Settings


WP Fastest Cache Timeout Tab Configuration

Under this tab, you can set timeout rules. You can select for how long the cached pages remain fresh.

To create a cache timeout rule, click on “Add New Rule”. Now a popup wizard will open.

  • Now for the If REQUEST_URI field select “All” from the drop-down menu.
  • And for the “Then” field select “Once an Hour” from the drop down menu.
  • Now click on “Save”.

WP Fastest Cache Timeout

Please note that you can select any option from the drop down menu for the two fields depending on your requirements but the above settings are recommended.


WP Fastest Cache CDN Tab Configuration

WP Fastest cache allows you to integrate various CDN services on your WordPress site:

integrate CDN With WP Fastest Cache

  • CDN by MaxCDN
  • CDN by Photon
  • Any other CDN Providers

Implementing CDN by MaxCDN With WP Fastest Cache

For implementing CDN by MaxCDN select "CDN by MaxCDN" under CDN tab.

Firstly you need to have a MaxCDN account, so if you don't have MaxCDN account then create MaxCDN account.

Use "maxcdncoupon" as coupon code for 25% discount

After you have created MaxCDN account, click "Next". Now you have to enter CDN URL and Origin URL. To get your CDN URL and Origin URL, you need to create a Pull Zone by logging in to your MaxCDN account.

Once you have these URL ready, add these URLs and click "Next".

integrate MaxCDN with WP fastest Cache

Now in next window select all the file types and click on finish. You will get successful integration message on next window.

Implementing CDN by Photon With WP Fastest Cache

For implementing CDN by Photon, you need to have Jetpack plugin installed on your WordPress blog with Photon module activated under Jetpack >> Settings.

Now to integrate just select "CDN by Photon" under CDN tab of WP Fastest Cache.

You need to select CDN URL from the drop down list and click "Next".

integrate CDN by Photon With WP fastest Cache

In this window select all File types and click "Next" and then "Finish". With this, you have successfully integrated CDN by Photon.

Implementing any other CDN With WP Fastest Cache

If you want to implement any other CDN, then under CDN tab select CDN by others. 

On the next window add CDN URL and Origin URL and click on next. 

Now select all the file types and click on finish and that's it.


WP Fastest Cache Other Tabs Configuration

Delete Cache Tab: In this tab, you can have the option to delete cache as well as minified CSS and JS. 

If want you delete cache the click on “Delete cache” button or “Delete cache and Minified CSS/JSS” button.

And If you're a premium user, you can also check your cache statics under delete cache tab.

Delete Cache In WP Fastest Cache

Exclude Tab: Here you can exclude pages, user-agents, JSS and CSS that you want to bypass caching.

Premium Tab: This tab is for those who want to have the premium version of WP Fastest cache for $39.99. You can buy premium version here under this tab.

Image Optimization: This tool is only available to premium version users. This tool reduces the size of the images thus improving your website load time.

You can 1000 credits when you signup for a premium version and after that you need to buy credits to continue using this tool.

To optimize images you need to click "Optimize all" button and that's it. Honestly. I didn't like their credit system.

Test If WP Fastest Cache Working

After you have successfully installed and configured WP Fastest cache. It is important to check if the cache mechanism is working or not.

So to test or check if it is working, log out of your WordPress admin dashboard or just open another browser and visit your WordPress blog.

Now right click and click on "View Page Source". Then locate for something similar to the following lines.

Test WP Fastest Cache Working

If you are able to locate something like this, then your cache plugin is working fine.

More Resources To Optimize Your WordPress Blog

Here are few more resources use can explore to optimize and speed up your WordPress blog.

Pro Tip: Your hosting provider matters. So buy quality hosting. Follow below link to check best and reliable hostings.

That's all! I hope this article will help you in installing and setting up WP fastest Cache WordPress plugin.

Website Loading Time is Huge. Speed up Your #WordPress Blog Using WP Fastest Cache Plugin.

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Do let me know the impact of using this cache plugin on your WordPress site loading time via comments. If you have any suggestion and query please do leave a comment.

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