BroughtMeUp is a strong community of IncredibleDreamers. Because BroughtMeUp is a community blog, so I always encourage passionate bloggers to contribute an original and niche-related article to BroughtMeUp. This will help them to showcase their blogging skills to the world. The motto behind is helping bloggers showcasing their writing skills, blogging skills, and above all their talent to a new audience. We help them to build their web-reputation and helping them in building their personal brand.

BroughtMeUp is a blogging and online marketing niche. You could be one of the IncredibleDreamers from this very moment.

If you are interested then you should keep these simple yet important points in mind for fast approval of your article.

Your article should be focused on quality and it should valuable for the readers. Remember, best article is when it teaches anything, or is an unbiased opinion based on research, facts, and experience.

Here are few of the categories that we accept. To avoid submitting already published articles please do a search for your article idea on our site.

Blogging Tips, Tools, Marketing and Everything which you can think of 

  • WordPress Hosting
  • Free as well as Premium WordPress Plugins and Themes
  • Entrepreneurship: How to run and manage an online business
  • Genuine Tips and Ideas for Making money online.
  • Social media marketing, online marketing and inbound marketing.
  • Technology.
  • SEO Tools, Software’s, Case study.
  • Life, Life Hacks, Bloggers Life Experiences.

You Should Read This Before Submitting Your Guest Post

Credit: Write you own original article. Only original articles will be published on BroughtMeUp. But if you are using images or your article is derivative of someone else, then feel free to give credit. Write an article for BroughtMeUp audience.

Article Quality: Quality is the most important factor that we consider for accepting an article. Everyone would a quality article. The article should be a minimum of 800 words and should cover the topic in detail. Submit only when your article is finished. There is no time fixed for submission of the article. So take your time and submit once your article is complete.

Screenshot + Video : Images are very important for creating a quality as well as a viral article. So you should add images to your article. Remember not adding images for the sake of it, add meaningful images that not only make your article visually appealing but more valuable to the users. You can also submit your video to BroughtMeUp Youtube channel. Just drop me an Email, and I will tell you how to submit videos.

Comment: You should reply to queries and comments to your article.

Self-promotion : We don’t allow any backlinks or anything of that sort. But You will get the full credit for your article. An author box will be displayed below your article displaying information about you. You will be able to build a brand of yourself by contributing to BroughtMeUp.

Copyright: Please submit only your original article. If we found that you have copied the article for somewhere, then it will lead to instant article deletion. You will be banned from using our site permanently. By registering to BroughtMeUp, you give full copyright ownership of your article so that we can deal with DMCA-related issues.

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