Mobile Friendly Site : Official Google Ranking factor

Mobile Friendly Sites Google ranking factor

Lets me start with a question:

Is your Website mobile friendly?


Then here a big news from Google that will force you to make changes to your website or blog.

The news is that recently Google announced that Mobile friendly sites will be an official ranking factor. This ranking factor will an active from 21st of April 2015.

Mobile usage is increasing with every passing day so to give better user experience, having a mobile optimized site is a must.

The mobile friendly site gives better experience when a user accesses your site via smartphones and tablets.

Mobile Friendly Website Means Higher Google Ranking

According to an official announcement over here, Google made it clear that now mobile friendliness will be an official search engine ranking factor.

This ranking signal will impact search results and be ready to observe quite significant changes in search engine ranking from 21st April 2015.

You must start working on your website/blog, if it is not mobile friendly then you must make sure that you offers the mobile-friendly version of the site.

If your site is hosted on WordPress platform then you can make use of some free and paid plugins.

WordPress blogs can use Jetpack Plugin or WP Touch Plugin to easily make your site mobile friendly. You can also offer the mobile specific theme of your blog or website.

You can also use this Official Tool by Google to check if your website is mobile friendly. And if your website is mobile friendly, in Google Webmaster Tool you can check mobile usability issues across your site.

Check Mobile Usability Issues In Google Webmaster Tools

Using webmaster tool you can see the errors and issues with the mobile version of your site.

To view mobile usability issues login to your Google webmaster tool Dashboard and under “Search Traffic” click on “Mobile Usability” to see all existing issues with your site’s mobile version as in the screenshot.

You can also see the report from one of my site in the screenshot. By clicking on the listed usability error you can see the pages on the website with that error. And this allows you to make your site for mobile friendly.

Mobile Usability Issues In Google Webmaster Tools

Mobile App Indexing Feature: App Content In Search results

With the announcement of mobile sites getting higher ranking in search results, Google also announced about app indexing and showing app content to the users.

App developer needs to implement app indexing for that app that allows signed-in users to see results from the apps which they have installed on their devices. Mobile App Indexing is already active.

To implement app indexing in your app, you can get full detail here. And if you already have your app in Google play store, you can follow instructions here to verify your site for your android app.

Now Its Your Turn: Take Action

Now its time to take action and start making changes to your site. Depending upon which platform you are using, you should implement a solution to the server a mobile friendly site to your visitors.

By having a mobile friendly site you can have an extra edge over others in search results in coming days.

Now If your site is hosted on WordPress you can follow my guide on how to make your WordPress blog mobile friendly.

Don’t limit your site to just mobile friendly but make sure you speed up your blog using techniques like installing a cache plugin and setting up CDN for your WordPress blog.

Three Things I Want You To Do:

  • Make your website mobile friendly and gain an edge over others in search engine rankings.
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  • Share your views in the comment section below.

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