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Today’s post is about SEMrush review. But before proceeding with it, let me ask you a simple question.

Who would not like to be number one on Google search results and dominate his competitors?

Now, I guess your answer will be:

Obviously, everyone wants to!

Don’t you?

But here’s the truth:

Achieving number one in search engine ranking for a keyword is very tough. It requires lots of skills like SEO, link building etc. which takes most of our time.


But here’s the kicker:

Today I will share with you a tool named SEMrush which makes all this quite easy. If used to its full potential, then number one spot on Google is yours!

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And the best part is:

Using that tool you will be able to steal your competitors’ search engine rankings as also customers legally.

That’s crazy!

Using the tool, you will be able to find the keywords that your competitors are already ranking for. So your time will get saved, as you don’t need to invest most of the time in keyword research.

SEMrush claimed the top spot in my list of best keyword research tool.

So let’s get started:

What is SEMrush?


SEMrush is one of the best SEO tools that is available in the market. An awesome tool when it comes to keyword research. Using SEMrush you will be able to spy on your competitors by finding what they are ranking for the keywords.

SEMrush Review: Steal Your Competitors’ Search Engine Rankings and Traffic


SEMrush Review

Semrush is a competitors keyword tool. You can spy on your competitors by finding the keyword that your competitors’ site ranks for.

Using SEMrush, you can check any website and obtain some highly useful details like website traffic, advertising competition, backlinks, traffic from paid search and organic search.

SEMrush is one of an essential search engine marketing tools that I would recommend to every Pro blogger and internet marketing.

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of blogging; SEMrush helps in that case too. Indeed SEMrush is all in one SEO keyword search tool.

SEMrush is a product of SEOQuake (A very popular Firefox SEO addon).

Till date, SEMrush has around 534,734 users, 45,000,000+ domains and more than 106,600,000+ keywords in their 26 databases. You can know how much popular SEMrush is from these staggering numbers.

SEMrush helps to find keyword of any website or web page which it is ranking for and also statistical details regarding that keyword and related keyword for which your site can rank for.

SEMrush is also highly useful for affiliate marketers. Using it, they can choose the right products to promote and get more conversions.

Bloggers can get relevant backlinks details, search volume of targeted keywords, details about site inbound links, details about pay per click prospects and can do a lot of keyword research that will boost your organic traffic.

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SEMrush Features


1. Keyword Research

  • Keyword Position: Keyword position of that particular site in the search engine. SEMrush also able to change your default U.S database for 26 available country databases.

  • Keyword: Keyword for which pages of a particular website is ranking for or getting traffic.
  • Volume: No. of correctly matched queries for that particular keyword in local Google search.

  • CPC: Average Cost per Click for the ad group.

  • URL: URL on which that particular keyword is driving traffic.

  • Competition: It shows the competition of advertisers for that particular keyword. Higher the number means High competition for the keyword and lower the number means less competition for that keyword. It is very useful for keyword research.

  • Results: Number results in search engine.

  • Trend: This shows the traffic pattern of a particular keyword for about last 12 months. During keyword research, it is also important part everyone should look to because you don’t want to select that keyword whose traffic trend is decreasing. During keyword research, make sure you choose keywords that have uptrend traffic graph.

2. Organic Research

  • Position: It displays the position of the web page of the site that ranks for that particular keyword in search engine.
  • Position changes: Displays recent organic position changes of a web page that rank for that particular keyword. It shows changes in the web page or post of your site that rank for the keyword in search engines. You can display for the domain new and lost, or improved or declined keywords. You can view this data for the last 30 days, six months, one year and even all time.
  • Competitors: Organic competitors that rank for the same keyword that your site ranked for. SEMrush also gives the details of your competitor position in search engine for that keyword. This report lists domain that is competing against you in top 20 organic search results.
  • Top 20 Organic Keywords: This will display top 20 keywords that drive the most traffic to that site from search engines. This is the part that is very useful for the newbies in the world of keyword research and has little idea of profitable keywords. SEMrush makes it easy for the newbies.

3. Advertising Research

In this section, you can check

  • Advertising positions for URL or domain name.
  • Advertising competitors,
  • Ads texts, potential traffic sellers
  • Display advertising reports for a particular domain name.

I will not thoroughly explain advertising research as they are of no use to the users who don’t go for paid traffic.

4. Backlinks Analysis

  • Backlinks: SEMrush gives the detail backlink report of the site/domain along with anchor text including their source and target URL. You can always sort out the sources to build Quality backlinks for your blog or website.
  • Anchors: This report shows some backlinks and referring domains per anchor text.
  • Referring Domains: This report shows the list of domains pointing to your site including their IP addresses, country, and some backlinks from each domain.
  • Referring IPs: Report lists IP addresses where backlinks leading to the site are coming from.
  • Indexed Page: SEMrush also contains the web pages of the domain that were crawled by SEMrush and also includes the number of backlinks per page.
  • Backlinks Comparison: Using this tool in SEMrush you can compare backlinks details of about five domains at a time.

5. SEMrush Tools

  • Domain Vs. Domain: This tools allows you to compare up to 5 domains at a time and will provide details such as common and unique keywords for each domain, domains’ position in Google’s organic, paid, and shopping search results.
  • Position Tracking: Position tracking lets you monitor any daily changes in the position of your competitor for organic and Adwords keywords in Google.
  • Chart Tool: You can get total traffic and keywords detail of the domain in chart view which you can show on your website by placing a simple code on your site.
  • Keyword Difficulty Tool: This tool allows the user to estimate how difficult it would be to seize competitors’ position in organic search with the particular keyword.
  • Site Audit: It helps you to identify the issues which hurt your site SEO and thus your site traffic and conversions. Issues that includes broken external links missing alt tag on images, broken internal links, no follow attribute for internal links, etc. And thus you can boost your organic search ranking, and you will save your site from Google penalty.

Why Should You Start Using Semrush Right Now?


Honestly, we all write blog posts to increase traffic to our blog, but many of us don’t get the traffic that our efforts and hard work deserves. That is because we don’t target specific keywords and we lack behind our competitors because of our keyword research tactics.

Whenever we check our site or blog analytics, we come to know that few blog posts contribute to our blog traffic.

The answer to all the problems is SEMRUSH.

Using SEMrush SEO tool. You will be able to find keywords that are driving maximum traffic to your competitor blog or website.

Based on that results you can write quality posts using that particular keyword for higher traffic and to get better position for that mainly targeted keyword in search results.

The following are the few things that would allow you can do with SEMrush:

  • You will be able to find high search volume keywords very easily means you can use SEMrush for keyword research.
  • With Semrush you can do complete SEO Audit of your blog or website.
  • You can also find high CPC keywords using SEMrush.
  • Get Backlink details of your competitor blog or website, using which you will get the idea to build high-quality backlinks.
  • You can Spy on your competitor keywords that his site ranks for and the keyword that brings maximum traffic to his blog. So you can also use that target keywords in your content to rank better and get more keyword targeted traffic.
  • SEMrush provides you with a collection of tools for competition analysis.

One important thing you must know that SEMrush provides the complete report to its PRO account users only. SEMrush free account is a limited version.

You can use our exclusive 14-days Trial version of SEMrush Pro account worth $69.95 for FREE and get familiar with SEMrush. And I am sure after using this trial version; you will starting loving SEMrush, and It will be your top weapon for search engine rankings.

Wrapping it up!


If you are a new to search engine marketing research, I would recommend you to get familiar with SEMrush using 14-Days trial offer worth $69.95 FREE!!

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SEMrush has definitely made blogging life a bit easy for me. SEMrush is very useful SEO tool for keyword research, and a must have tool for everyone.

Now we are finished with SEMrush review, and I hope this review will help you to understand about SEMrush, the Best search engine marketing tool that will help your blog or business grow.

Hope you find this article interesting and useful. Do let me know your views and queries about SEMrush via comments. Also share this article on Google Plus, Facebook, And Twitter and do Subscribe for updates.

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