How To Set Up Custom Domain Name On Blogger

Do you want to setup custom domain name for your Blogspot blog? If yes then, this step by step guide will surely help you. 

Free blogging platform like BlogSpot and WordPress.com offers a free domain name. And if you are using the free domain name for your blog then I would highly recommend using a custom domain name instead.

For a newbie let me clear your doubts about the free domain name and a custom domain name.

So let me explain:

If you start a blog on BlogSpot you usually get a name ending with .blogspot.com, for example, domainname.blogspot.com. And a custom domain name is just like domainname.com example would be Broughtmeup.com.

I have already discussed why you should choose a custom domain name for your blog. But the best thing about using a custom domain name is that it provides you with freedom to move your domain name from one platform to another.

Settings up a custom domain name are BlogSpot/Blogger is a bit technical.

But with this step by step, I have tried to make this process i.e setting of the custom domain name in BlogSpot/Blogger as simple as possible.

If you haven’t purchased a domain name yet consider purchasing from Godaddy.com. You can also check out the best and cheap domain name registrars.

Guide To Setup Custom Domain On BlogSpot/Blogger

Assuming you have purchased your custom domain name and you already have BlogSpot blog up and running.

If you have the above-listed things with you then we must proceed with the setup process. Remember you don’t need to care about your blog traffic migration or backlinks.

Once the custom domain name setup in BlogSpot/Blogger will complete Google will take care of it and you will not lose and of your site traffic and backlinks.

Here I will be using the setup for Godaddy.com but don’t worry the steps will be same for all the domain registrar companies.

Setting Up Custom Domain In Blogger

Step 1: First of all login into your blogger dashboard and then Go to “Settings” >> “Basic”. Under Publishing section, click on “+ Setup a third-party URL for your blog“.

custom domain blogger

Step 2: Now under third-party domain settings enter your custom domain name that you have purchased and also don’t forget to add “www” prefix in front of your domain name. Like you can see in the screenshot I have written www.snap2offers.com

add custom domain in blogger

Step 3: Now click on save. When you click on save you will see an error saying “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 14” as you can see in the screenshot.

custom domain in Blogspot godaddy

Step 4: Under these errors, you will also see CNAME details under the fields “Name, Label, or Host Field” and “Destination, Target, or Points To Field” (highlighted in green in the screenshot). Please Don’t close this tab because you will need these details after.

Now it’s time to log in to your domain control panel and follows the below steps to edit CNAME and A Records. Remember if you are not using Godaddy.com you can view steps for editing DNS info here.

Setting Up CNAME and A Record for BlogSpot/Blogger Custom domain 

Step 5: Login to Godaddy.com or if you are using any other domain registrar login to that.

Step 6: Click on My account or Username in the upper right corner and then click on Manage My Domains.

select custom domain

Step 7: Now you will see the list of your purchased domain names. Now click on desired domain name. In my case, I clicked on snap2offers.com as you can see in the screenshot.

select custom domain name

Step 8: Click on DNS Zone File tab. Under the “CNAME (Alias)”. Click on edit icon beside www

edit cname to setup custom domain in blogspot

Step 9: When you will click on edit icon an edit box will appear. Here you need to replace @ with ghs.google.com and click on finish. This first CNAME record is same of all BlogSpot blog.

add cname record for blogger custom domain setup

Step 10: Now click on Add record Under Zone file.

add dns zone record for custom domain setup

Step 11: As soon as you click on it an edit box will appear. Now select CNAME (Alias) from the drop down list.

add zone for custom domain

Step 12: Now copy the record that BlogSpot/Blogger generated for your blog in Step 4. The record starting with “gv-“ must be added in Points to box and the other in front of it in Host box. Then click on Finish and then save changes. Check out below screenshot in case of any confusion.

add cname to setup custom domain on blogger

Step 13: Adding A Record is the last step you need to do. Now again click on Add file under Zone file and select A (Host) from the drop down list.

Now in the host box enter @ and in the Point To box enter the following Google IP

add a record to set up custom domain in blogger

Click on finish and repeat this process and add these three more Google IPs.

Note: You must delete the original host as it is of no use now.

delete original IP and add google IPs for blogspot domain setup

Step 14: Now once you are completed with CNAME and A record setup, Go back to Blogger and try to save the settings. If error stills appear then wait for 1-4 hours and then again go back to BlogSpot dashboard and add custom domain name as we did in Step 1 to 3 and try to save.

Usually, after 3-4 hours you will be able to add the custom domain name to WordPress blog. But if the same error “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 14” again appears then this means you need to wait for another 24-48 hour to add the custom domain name.

When you will be able to save these settings this means your URL is now working.

After you have custom domain name is set up and working now Google will take care of redirection part. And if anyone opens your BlogSpot URL then he will be redirected to your custom domain name.

Step 15: Now you need to redirect non-www version of your domain to www version. Click on Edit and check the option that says “Redirect domainname.com to www.domainname.com” and clicks on save.

edit domain for redirection

redirect non www version to www version blogspot/blogger

Now we are finished with the setup of the custom domain name in BlogSpot blogs. Please refer to screenshots for better understanding.

If you followed the whole guide and still not able to set up the custom domain name for BlogSpot blog then contact me using the contact form and I will do it for you. I highly recommend a custom domain name for a successful blog.

If you have any query and feedback please leave a comment. If you find this article helpful feel free to share it on Facebook and Google+. Also, subscribe for future updates.

See you in comment section 😉

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