How To Burn Feed Using FeedBurner For WordPress

Setup FeedBurner For WordPress: Just Installed WordPress and wondering what to do next? Then you are on right post. One the many recommended and an essential thing I would suggest to every blogger is to Set up Feedburner after creating your WordPress blog or BlogSpot blog. If you have not created one please refer to the following guides:

setup feedburner for wordpressFeedburner is quite easy to burn your feed using Feedburner and it offers great email Newsletter features like a free email subscription, Email delivery time and much more. As far as features of Feedburner are concerned, As It is free that’s why its features are limited as compared to other paid and cheap Email marketing options available.

But for new WordPress or BlogSpot blogs, Bloggers opt for Feedburner. If you new to WordPress I would recommend reading:

Feedburner is the best Free email marketing tool. Feedburner is a must tool for all the bloggers to set up RSS feed and track the performance. Feedburner is owned by Google, You can use Feedburner email subscription service to send a free email newsletter to your subscribers and too without a limit of subscribers using Feedburner. Also, you can use AdSense for feeds to monetize Feedburner feeds.

For a newbie blogger, it is always recommended to start burning your feed from the very first day. You must use keywords or your website name in your feed name for SEO point of view.

In this post, I will be showing how you can use this free service from Google to burn feed using Feedburner.

Guide To Set Up FeedBurner RSS Feed For WordPress

Burning your feed via Feedburner you are providing more option for branding and controlling and tracking your feed and email subscribers.

Now let us move on to the guide on how to setup RSS Feed Using Feedburner

  • Login With your Gmail or Google apps account
  • Copy blog feeds URL and login to your Google Feedburner account. Then paste your blog feed URL. For any WordPress blog, default feed will be- (Replace with your actual domain name)burn-feed-feedburner-wordpress
  • Click on Next
  • In the next page specify the Feed Title and Feed Address, I would recommend keeping Your Feed Title same as your Blog name and Feed address must be small and easily memorable like in the case of BroughtMeUp it Is “BroughtMeUpFeed” and in your case you can replace BroughtMeUp with your Blog name. But in case you want to give different Feed Name and Feed Address then I would recommend to use keywords to make your feed reach to more audience
  • In the next page, you will get a confirmation message stating that your feed is ready.

Now you are done creating Feedburner feed for your blog. Now after successfully creating a feed using Feedburner its time to install FD Feedburner WordPress Plugin to redirect all WordPress default feeds to Feedburner feed. This plugin is easy to configure and will take care of your feed redirection automatically.

That’s all! I hope this guide will help you in setting up Feedburner for your WordPress blog. If you have any query the please share with us via comments. And please Subscribe For Updates.

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