How To Install And Setup Facebook Comments In WordPress

Install Facebook Comments In WordPress: Facebook is the largest growing social network in the today’s world. That’s why most of us use Facebook for promoting our website. Facebook greatly influences a website traffic. Facebook contribute to 3-4% of BroughtMeUp’s traffic and is next to search engine which contribute about 80-85%.

By looking at these stats you can figure out why many top sites use Facebook comments instead of the default WordPress comments. Now you might me thinking of how to install and setup Facebook comments in WordPress blog.

Install Facebook Comments In WordPress

But before getting started with installing Facebook comments in WordPress. We shall look at advantages as well as disadvantages of using Facebook comments instead of default WordPress comments.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Facebook Comments In WordPress

Advantages: Using Facebook comments in your WordPress blog can boost your site’s visibility. Thus your site traffic. Facebook has huge potential for website traffic as user can share their comments to other Facebook users.

 It helps in reducing spam comments as user must login with Facebook to comment.

Disadvantages: Most of the users do not feel comfortable in leaving comments using their Facebook profile. Many user want privacy.

When you use Facebook comments, then these comments are not synced to your WordPress comments. Facebook comments completely replaces default WordPress comments system. Your older comments of any post will appear before or after Facebook comments.

Now we shall move on how to install Facebook comments in WordPress.

Guide On Installing Facebook Comments In WordPress

First of all you need to install and activate Facebook Comments plugin. Once the plugin is activated, Go to Settings >> Facebook Comments to configure the plugin.

To start using Facebook comments on your WordPress blog you need to create a Facebook app. If you already created an app for your site, then you just need to add app ID in Facebook comments plugin configure page. And if you haven’t the you need to create it first.

Go to Facebook Apps page and click on “Register Now” to register for Facebook developer account.

Facebook Developer Signup

Once you have successfully registered for Facebook developer account, click on “Create a New App” button.

Create App In Facebook

Provide Display name, Namespace and select Category for your app and click on “Create App ID“.

Create App ID To Install Facebook Comments To WordPress

Now your Facebook app will be created and on the next page your App ID will be displayed.

App ID To Install Facebook Comments In WordPress

Before adding this app ID in your Facebook comments plugin page, you need to configure your newly created Facebook app.

On your Facebook App dashboard, click on “Settings“. On settings page, click on “+ Add Platform” button.

Website Platform For Facebook Comments Installation

Now a popup window will appear. Here you need to select “Website as your platform.

Setup Facebook Comments In Website

Here you need to add your WordPress site’s address and click on “Save Changes“.

WordPress Site To Install Facebook Comments

Now copy App ID and paste in Facebook comments plugin’s setting page on your WordPress site. You can also check out other settings. Once your are done with the settings click on “Save Changes”.

With this you have successfully installed Facebook comments in to your WordPress blog. Now Facebook comments are live on your blog.

Moderating Your Facebook Comments

When you login to your Facebook account you will be notified about new comments. In the plugin’s setting page you can find the link to your Facebook comment moderation tool.

Here you can moderate your comments. To add new comment moderator simply click on “Settings” in the comment moderation tool.

With this we are finished with the article. I hope this article helped you to install and setup Facebook comments on your WordPress blog.

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