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WP WordPress Plugin: Images not only beautifies but also optimizes your blog posts. You should pick a relevant image for posts. At the same time, images also increase site load time. As site load, time is one of the search engine ranking factor, using too many images didn’t seems to be a smart step. But can you think of blog post without any images or screenshots? The general response would be a blog post will remain incomplete and unappealing to your blog users. This will result in traffic drop.

And I know you don’t like this to happen and for that, you have to use images. Generally, I follow one image per post strategy to optimize my blog posts.  By Optimizing images help you to add images without affecting load time. Optimization means reducing the size of images without losing quality. You can manually optimize images one by one by using compression software or online services. If you are smart enough this doesn’t seem to be a good idea as it is a time-consuming process. Here is where comes to the rescue.

wp wordpress plugin to optimize images WordPress Plugin lets you compress images without losing quality. You just need to install and activate plugin and whenever you upload an image, it gets compressed automatically. By using this plugin your image size will be reduced without affecting image quality and thus optimizing page load time. also has bulk features which lets you compress all old images in your Media library.  Simply go to Media > WP Smush and click on “Bulk Smush Now” to smush 50 attachments at a time. This plugin is a time saver for all bloggers including me. In this way, it helps in reducing site load time for old posts as well.

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WP WordPress Plugin Features

The following features are available in both free and paid versions of WP

  • Easy and simple to optimize images and improve site performance.
  • Process JPEG, GIF, and PNG image file format.
  • Uses Advanced lossless compression techniques for image optimization.
  • Smush 1 MB or smaller images.
  • View Advanced compression stats per-attachment.
  • You can manually smush/optimize your attachments in the media library or Bulk smush 50 attachments at a time.
  • Auto-smush images on upload. Pro version allows you to optimize images even better. Here are some extra features of WP Smush Pro:

  • Even better lossless compression.
  • Smush images up to 32 MB.
  • No limit on bulk smush.
  • You can restore original un-smushed images.
  • Super smush with multi-pass lossy compression.

Normally you can go with the free version of WP but if you want you can also try its pro version. Honestly, I myself  haven’t tried its pro version yet. But is a must have WordPress plugin and you must use it to optimize your blog images and make blog loading faster. As you might know that speed or website load time is an important search engine ranking factor.

Download Plugin

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