How To Add Sticky Widget & Sticky Ads In WordPress

How To Add Sticky Widget For Sticky Ads In WordPress: Every wants to get more and more conversions. To get more conversion many of us customize our WordPress blog. Sidebar is one such part of your blog that can bring you more conversions. You should optimize blog sidebar and must take full advantage of your blog sidebar.

add sticky ads and sticky widgets in wordpress using plugins

Using Sticky Floating sidebar you can boost your page views, subscribers, boost lead generation etc. You can use these sticky widget sidebar not just for sticky ads but also for product promotions, popular posts and for everything you want to.

You must have noticed sticky widget on many blogs including BroughtMeUp.com. Using sticky sidebar you can get more clicks on your ads or get more subscribers, Facebook likes etc. Highly recommended for getting more conversions from your sidebar widget.

Actually a sidebar get more attention when a user scroll down a page and along with it sticky sidebar floats with the scrolling down of page. So in this article I will be sharing how to add sticky sidebar widget in WordPress using plugins.

Floating Sticky Sidebar Widget in WordPress Using Plugins

Here I will be sharing two recommended WordPress plugins which you can use to add floating sticky widget.

Note: Don’t make AdSense ads widget sticky, as it is against AdSense ad implementation policy. So beware and don’t get yourself banned.

1) Q2W3 Fixed Widget (Sticky Widget)

Q2W3 Fixed Widget Plugin is a free plugin to make WordPress sidebar sticky. Here at BroughtMeUp, I usually uses this plugin for sticky widget. This awesome plugin doesn’t require any configuration.

Just Install and activate Q2W3 Fixed Widget Plugin and go to Appearance >> Widgets and click on the widget that you want to make sticky. This plugin automatically adds a Fixed Widget option in every widget. Just check the Fixed Widget box and click on Save.

This will make your sidebar widget sticky. It is recommended to make last sidebar widget sticky as it will not overlap with other non sticky widgets.

sticky widget wordpress plugin

You can also configure the positioning of sidebar sticky widgets. To configure plugin go to Appearance >> Fixed Widget Options. Here you can set margins, add your own HTML IDs.

Q2W3 Sticky Widget WordPress plugin

2) Standard Widget Extensions

Standard Widget Extensions plugin lets you add Sticky Sidebar and Accordion Widget features to your WordPress sidebar widget. Install and activate Standard Widget Extension and you can make sticky widget along with accordion. Example of accordion widget would be:

sticky accordion widget WordPress plugin

For settings, go to Settings >> Standard WE. You can individually turn on and off these features: Sticky Sidebar and Accordion Widgets.

Why Should You Make Widgets Sticky?

You should consider making your blog sidebar widgets sticky:

  • For getting more E-Mail Subscribers.
  • To maximize Conversions and Lead generation.
  • For getting more clicks on CPC Ads. (Consider checking Ad Network Policy)
  • For Promoting you Content.
  • For getting more Social Sharing.

I highly recommend you to choose Q2W3 Fixed Widget (Sticky Widget) plugin over Standard Widget Extensions until and unless you require Accordion Widgets feature. And also make sure you should never make AdSense ads sticky as it is against their policy. So don’t get banned by making AdSense ads sticky.

Don’t make lots of widgets sticky as it may annoy and frustrate your blog users.

Do let me know if this article helped you in implementing floating sticky sidebar widget in your WordPress blog. Also do share this article over your social media to help other bloggers. For feedback and queries do leave a comment. Do subscribe for future updates.

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