Top 15 Social Media Marketing Tools for 2016

A Business owner knows the importance of promotion on the success of any product.


But here the bottom line:

“Many Quality products and services have been failed due to lack of promotion and advertisement.”

With the Introduction of social media whole Marketing landscape has changed.

Social Media is a tool through which you can share a piece of content to the world in seconds.

Earlier marketers have to spend a lot of money on the promotion of the product but social media has helped them to carry out promotion without spending a penny.

Marketers know the importance of social media on the expansion and growth of any business. With Millions of active users.

Social media is a dream platform for business owners where they can get a considerable no of new influencer. 84% B2B Marketers use some form of social media to generate leads business.

Posts on Social media can be used to drive targeted traffic to your site. Marketers also used social media to improve SEO of their site.

Getting good results from social media is a bit tougher than it seems. A solid strategy combined with right social media management tools is required to perform well on social media platforms.

Tools help you to reduce the complexity of the task and reduce the effort and time considerably, which you could use in some other necessary work.

If you are struggling with Social Marketing Campaign, you could check-out top 15 social media marketing tools for 2016.

Top Social Media Marketing Plugins

1. Canva:



A picture is worth of thousand words!

Website owners know the importance of visual content on appearance, reading experience, SEO, Social media optimization, traffic engagement etc. on their blog.

Canva is a great tool for a Blogger where they can create beautiful marketing images. There are thousands of attractive stock images with extra elements like text, banner, buttons to create awesome images and graphics. It has an excellent visual editor, where you can easily drag and drop elements to the exact spot to create amazing images.

Altogether it is a great platform that helps you create professional images for your website, blog and social media accounts.

2. Bit.ly:



It is also an amazing tool that marketers and business owners can use. It is a URL shortener that will shorten lengthy link into very small URL.

This is a great tool, as some of the Social media allows using limited no. of characters such as twitter (140 characters). Although twitter used its own URL shortener t.co, you can use bit.ly for its extensive features.

Bit.ly offers you analytics and tracking service. For each URL you shorten, you could see how many times the link has been clicked? And what network they were using? You could easily customize the shortened URL to some stylish URL.

3. Tailwind:



There are some marketing departments where images and graphics have very much influence on customers such as Fashion Marketing, Online shopping, Retail business etc.  Pinterest is Social Media platform that deals with amazing images and graphics.

Tailwind is an official partner for Pinterest marketing. It is a comprehensive tool that helps you create multi-board pins, bulk uploads, and calendar scheduling. It also assists you to choose best times for highest engagement of Pins.  Managing multiple accounts of Pinterest is also possible through Tailwind.

4. Buffer:



Buffer is a well-known tool for marketers to regularly post on social media accounts. It allows you to create the posting schedule for each of the social media accounts under a single dashboard. Buffer is capable of connecting to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest accounts and Google+ page.

Not only it helps in automatic posting, it also helps you to track follower activities. This way you can choose the right time to post has a free image tool and user-friendly interface for easy scheduling.

5. BuzzSumo:



If you want to keep an eye on Competitors performance then BuzzSumo is the right tool for you.  It helps you to find the most popular content that helped your competitor.

You just have to enter a domain name and you’ll get a list of their popular content, sorted by total shares. By looking few competitors, you can get an Idea about the content that will work out for your website. You could also search for popular content by entering some keywords.




IFTTT is a popular social media tool that stands for If “This” then “That”. You have to set an “Event” and define “Action” for that event. You can create as many events (popularly known as recipes) as you like on IFTTT.

It’s a great tool for social media marketing as it can read and post on popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr etc.

While you can customize a recipe for your specific business, you could also add recipes created by other. There may be several instances where you found an ideal recipe already created here.

7. Feedly:



Social Media is all about sharing Content. If you are selflessly sharing only own Content on social media, you are missing a big role of social media!

If you are investing in yourself only, why others would be interested in your stuff? A big question comes here. Whose Content you will share?

Feedly is the tool that provides you interesting articles from the top blogs in your industry.

After Google reader has been powered down, Feedly is the best Feed reader app that provides RSS feeds from all the websites and blogs that you choose. You could also save an article to read later or choose to share the article on the buffer.

8. Hootsuite:



It is one of the best management tool, used by Millions of marketers in Social media marketing campaigns.

After you Sign up for Hootsuite, you have to add social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+).

On your Dashboard, you can locate all the social media accounts on the top left corner. From this Dashboard, you can easily choose a single channel Or All channels to share the content.

Not only it helps you to shorten links, schedule post and attach photos it also comes with analytics feature. You can check the response of each of your post. You could also manage a campaign on social accounts and assignment for your team under a single dashboard.

9. EveryPost:



Every post is a tool which is also very popular among marketers. The simple user interface and easy access are also compatible for Smartphone and iPhone.

You could create visual content; schedule customized post and share content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr accounts through this tool.

This also comes with the feature to shorten URL and schedule post later.

10. Sprout Social:

Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is complete Social Media Management tool for marketers. It is different from other social media tools because it focuses on engagement between business and customers through open communication.

On the left side on Dashboards, you get the analytics about audience demographics and popular trends on your account. At the right side, you could see the people who are helping in your campaign and profiles attached to your account.

11. Manage flitter:

Manage flitter

Manage flitter

If Twitter has a big influence on your business then Manageflitter is the right tool for you. Manageflitter helps you to manage your twitter account like a pro.

With help of this tool, you will be able to see important updates and interact with people to build healthy relation.

On regular basis, it allows you to check out people who are not following you and unfollow them in bulk. You could also add people to the whitelist. The people you regularly interact. The Accounts in White List are not shown up in the unfollow list, so you cannot accidentally unfollow them.

12. Agora Pulse:

Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse

This tool helps you deal with three most used social media platform i.e. – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There is an option to post instantly or Schedule it for optimized time for the better result. Agora pulse also provides dynamic reports and an opportunity to promote Content.

13. Cyfe:



It is all-rounder business tool that helps you monitor every piece of data needed for a business. It delivers the detailed report on SEO, Google Adwords, Google Analytics etc.

It’s Customizable dashboard also helps you to analyze Social media demographics and perform accordingly.

With Cyfe you could search Industry trends and competitor research to collect important data and trends. You could also save data and use it later.

14. MeetEdgar:



You may have faced a situation where your Quality Content has not seen much appreciation. It is the common situation that every Website owner faces.

MeetEdgar is a tool that recycles your Content so that your post reaches a larger traffic. This tool helps to improve the lifespan of your Posts.

A very small fraction of your follower will see updates from you. Maybe next time you Re-Share the content, those who missed it the first time are able to see it a second time or third time.

15. Viral Heat:

Viral Heat

Viral Heat

Viral heat is a tool that can be used to post updates on multiple social media profiles but most people use Viralheat for its analytics feature.

The problem with many similar tools is that they don’t clearly state value of others social media accounts. This tool uses its own algorithm to rank top user of social media in your interest. This way you’ll able to interact with the top influencer in your industry and gain their support.

Whether you are struggling with Social media marketing campaign or you are completely new to Social Media Marketing, you could use these tools. These tools are used by most of the successful Marketers and very much productive in expanding their business.

Which is the most useful tool for you? Let me know how it works for your Social Media Campaigns? If you have some Feedback and Suggestion then let me know through comments!

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