5 Free Twitter UnFollow Tool To UnFollow Non-Followers

Twitter Unfollow Tool : Twitter is a marketing tool that every blogger loves. Those who use twitter effectively know the real marketing potential of twitter. One Year ago I wonder if Twitter had much to offer me. And now I am realising I was completely wrong then. Honestly, when I started using Twitter I knew nothing about Twitter I just tweet, follow people without thinking for a second.

twitter unfollow tool

As time passes, I started releasing that Twitter can add much more to my blog growth and success. The first and the most important thing that began to declutter my Twitter account.

I started following only those Twitter accounts who adds value to my Twitter timeline. I started to unfollow who were inactive and those who were not following me back. I am sure you are not going to waste your whole day finding users who are not following you or users who are inactive. Cleaning your Twitter account is a time-consuming process.

In this article I am going to share list of tools to unfollow Twitter users who are not following you back. These unfollow Twitter tools will clean your Twitter profile within seconds. So lets us look at these Twitter unfollow tools.

Free Twitter Unfollow Tool To Unfollow Users Who Are Not Following You Back

Tweepi Flush 

Tweepi Flush twitter tool to unfollow non followers

Tweepi manages your Twitter account. Tweepi integrated a feature called as Geeky flush which can be used for unfollowing non-followers on Twitter. With just one click you can flush the unfollowers and clean up the inactives.

Checkout Tweepi Flush


Manageflitter twitter tool to unfollow non followers

One of the best and my favourite Twitter unfollow tool for unfollowing non-followers. ManageFlitter works very fast. It lets you select multiple Twitter account and with just one click you can unfollow users who are not following you back. It allows you to find fake as well as spam accounts that you follow.

Checkout ManageFlitter Or ManageFlitter Pro

Twitter Karma

Twitter Karma twitter tool to unfollow non followers

Twitter Karma is a very popular and most used Twitter Unfollow tool for unfollowing non-followers. Within seconds it can follow or unfollow Twitter users. This tool is one of the tools which I would surely recommended to every user.

Checkout Twitter Karma

Follower Filter

Follower Filter twitter tool to unfollow non followers

Follower Filter is a twitter unfollow tool allow you to unfollow non followers. But the best thing about this tool is that it allows you to sorts your list on many things like ‘Last Activity’ & ‘Date Created’. Using this feature you can unfollow Twitter users who are inactive. And also you can unfollow non followers.

Checkout Follower Filter


crowdfire twitter tool to unfollow non followers

Crowdfire formerly known as JustUnfollow, is a free Twitter Unfollow tool to unfollow non-followers. You can clean up your Twitter profile by getting rid of those who are not following you. Crowdfire is also available for iOS and Android users. Everyday you can unfollow or follow only 25 Twitter users for free. But you can always increase this limit by having paid subscription.

Checkout CrowdFire (JustUnfollow)

So you can use any one of the 5 listed Twitter Unfollow tool to unfollow non-followers and cleanup your Twitter profile. If you know any other free Twitter Unfollow tool please lets us know via comments. If you hope you enjoyed the article and found it helpful please do share it on Facebook and Google+. For queries and feedback do leave a comment. Do subscribe for future updates. Don’t forget to follow us on @BroughtMeUp

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