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5 Minute Guide To Install WordPress On Siteground Hosting

Installing WordPress Blog On Siteground Hosting: Siteground hosting is the one which I started using few months earlier. After using for only few months I just love it because of the features and support they offer. I have worked with many hosting companies but no one is near Siteground. After using it, I can say that Siteground is better Hostgator, Bluehost and Dreamhost because of its excellent features.

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As I am a WordPress lover the best thing is that Siteground provides WordPress optimized hosting. Their caching mechanism make WordPress blog loads very fast. Because Site loading time is one of the official search engine ranking factor, so you must have a fast blog.

Siteground hosting also includes SuperCacher with three levels of caching for an ultra fast WordPress blog. SuperCacher can be enabled from Siteground dashboard with a single click. I will be taking about this a bit later.

installing WordPress on siteground Hosting

Siteground WordPress Hosting Features:

  • 1-Click WordPress Installation.
  • Free domain name for life.
  • Transfer Existing account for free.
  • No Downtime for your website.
  • Auto Updates
  • Server level protection
  • Daily Backups
  • Account Isolation
  • WordPress SuperCacher and Optimized Software
  • Multi-Location and CDN
  • WordPress Staging
  • Quality support 24*7 By WordPress Experts– Phone, Chat, Tickets

So in this article, I will be discussing installing WordPress on Siteground hosting in just 5 minutes. If you don’t have Siteground hosting you can use below link and get 60% Discount with free domain name for life.

Installing WordPress On Siteground Hosting Using Softaculous

Siteground offers cPanel which don’t require technical skills and is quite easy to use. Siteground offers Softaculous an auto-installer scripts which is used for installing WordPress easily with just few clicks. Now lets with the tutorial on installing WordPress using softaculous on Siteground. For better understanding please use screenshots provided with each step.

  • Login to your Siteground Hosting Dashboard
  • Then click on My Account > Go to cPanel

siteground hosting cpanel

  • Now inside your cPanel Dashboard, Under Auto-Installer click on WordPress.

wordpress auto-installer siteground

  • On the next page click on Install but make sure to check version and release date of WordPress.

installing wordpress using softacoulous

Now you need to add WordPress installation details. You need to configure only few settings:

  • Choose Protocol: Here you can select if you want your site address be or simply Means you can choose if you want domain name with www or without www. I would recommend you to choose http:// over http://www. because using only http:// keeps URL short.
  • Choose Domain: If you have multiple domains on your Siteground hosting account, then here you can choose the domain name on which you want to install WordPress blog.
  • In Directory: If you want to install WordPress blog on root domain then leave this field empty. And if you want to install it on sub-directory for example then you must write the name of the subdirectory in this in this field. I would recommend you to leave this field empty. Because, If you keep this field empty you will be able to visit you WordPress site just by visiting
  • Database Name: Here you can give the name to the database to be created for installation. I would recommend you to leave this field as it is.

wordpress installation details

  • Table Perfix: Leave this setting as it is.
  • Site Name And Site Description: Give your site name and description but you can always provide and change it later from WordPress dashboard.

wordpress site description

  • Admin Username And Password: Here you need to configure your login details like username and password. Siteground automatically suggests username and password but you use any username and password of your choice.: You should never use “admin” as username from the security point of view.
  • Admin Email: Provide any working email of your choice.
  • Select Plugins: Here you can choose which plugin should Siteground install and activate while installing WordPress. The two plugins are Limit Login Attempts and Clef Secure Passwordless Login. These two are security plugins. Limit Login Attempts protects login from brute force attacks by limiting the number of login attempts. And Clef Secure Passwordless Login plugin is a replacement for usernames and passwords and lets you login with your phone. Because of security, I would recommend you to select at least Limit Login Attempt plugin.
  • Click on Install, once you are finished with all details for your WordPress installation. 

wordpress installation admin login information

Softaculous will install WordPress blog on Siteground within 1-2 minutes. Once WordPress installation on Siteground hosting is finished you will see the confirmation screen like the one below.

To login into your WordPress dashboard visit (Remember to replace mysitename with you actual site’s domain name). Use login details to log in to your WordPress dashboard.

Now we are finished installing WordPress on Siteground hosting. Now What next? Go on with the article to get started with WordPress and also don’t forget to setup Siteground SuperCacher service whose guide is provided in the end.

Installed WordPress Now What Next?

After installing WordPress and to get started with it you need to properly configure your blog.  So to get started here are some recommended posts:

Also you know that Siteground offers SuperCacher. So lets us know how to setup and configure Supercacher for our WordPress blog.

How To Setup SuperCacher For WordPress Blog?

Siteground SuperCacher services increase number of hits a site can handle seamlessly and boost website loading time upto 4 times. You can setup Supercacher from cPanel and you can also download Supercacher WordPress plugin from here. Install and activate this plugin.

Now go to SuperCacher inside WordPress dashboard. Now follow the screenshot and activate Dynamic Cache, AutoFlush Cache and also activate Memcached.

Siteground WordPress Plugin

To enable Memcached And Static Cache you need to activate it from SuperCacher inside Siteground cPanel.

  • Go to cPanel
  • Under Site Improvement Tools Click on SuperCacher

activate supercacher from cpanel

  • Click on Static Cache Tab and Click On to enable.
  • Now Click on Dynamic Cache and Click On to enable.
  • Click on Memcached Tab and Click On to enable as seen in the screenshot.

enable siteground memcached setting from cpanel

You can check the status of SuperCacher services from Siteground cPanel dashboard. If the service is working fine and SuperCacher is enabled then you will see the status as in the screenshot.

supercacher status

I must say Siteground provides top quality hosting, especially for WordPress. So if you are looking for cheap as well as quality hosting then Siteground is for you. Simply The Best!!!!!

Followed the guide and still no success with WordPress installation. Then consider our free WordPress Setup Service and contact us.

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