WordPress.com Vs. WordPress.org : Which is better ?

WordPress.com Vs. WordPress.org Before starting a blog, a question comes in everyone’s mind that is WordPress.org or WordPress.com. With which one of these variants of WordPress, we must go for. Which is better self-hosted WordPress.org or free WordPress.com? So In this guide, I will be comparing the two variants of WordPress i.e WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org. This will help you to understand which WordPress platform you should go for.

wordpress.com vs wordpress.org

WordPress.com Vs. WordPress.org : What’s the difference ?

So lets us start with the guide and know differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. So lets us involved in one of the most popular debates i.e. WordPress.com Vs. WordPress.org. 



  • Free blogging platform by Automattic.
  • You will get free web address with the extension .wordpress.com
  • Your blog or website will be hosted on WordPress server.
  • No video storage
  • No eCommerce
  • Many paid add-ons are also available.
  • They make regular backups of your WordPress.com blog/website.


  • The website is free for up to 3 GB of space. After you need to pay $99 per year for the premium plan and $299 per year for the business plan.
  • They will place ads on your free website and if you want to remove these ads you need to pay around $29 per year.
  • Limited themes: You can only choose limited themes in your free WordPress.com website or blog.
  • You can’t install any 3rd party plugin. Yes, you heard it right you can not install and use plugins. if you want to use plugins you need to upgrade to VIP program for $3750 per month.
  • You are not allowed to sell ads on your free website until you receive  25000 page views per month or you need to share 50 percent of your earning.
  • They can delete your site anytime if you are found guilty of violating their terms of services.
  • Blog branding: even if you are using VIP program and paying, then still you have to tell others that your website is powered by WordPress.com and this is the thing most of us don’t like because whenever we hear of WordPress.com then one thinks of a free WordPress.com blog/website.

WordPress.com is for Personal journal blog, for whom design and space are not an issue.

WordPress.com is not for Professional bloggers, Content marketing blogs, Individuals who want full control on their website.Blog for Affiliate marketing, Blogs to make money like from AdSense etc.



  • Self-hosted platform
  • It’s free and way better and easy to use as compared to WordPress.com.
  • You can install plugins. You can install free as well as premium plugins and use them.
  • You can install themes both free as well as premium.
  • Perfect for making money by using your own ads.
  • Custom tracking and Analytics for your website to better assist you.


  • You need to buy a good web hosting and domain name and web hosting cost will be increasing as your website grows but then you will be making enough money(but it depends on your word).
  • Updates: You the site owner is responsible for updates and I think its not a big deal.
  • Backups: You are responsible for backups but you can always use plugins like BackupBuddy.
  • You are responsible for preventing spam but you can always use an amazing plugin like Askimet to prevent spam.

WordPress.org is for: Everyone starting from a personal journal blog to a business blog. Almost all the professional bloggers are using WordPress.org as their blogging platform. And even BroughtMeUp is powered by WordPress.org blogging platform.

WordPress.com Or WordPress.org: Which Is Better For You And SEO ?

Personally, I would recommend you to go for self-hosted WordPress.org rather than going for so called free WordPress.com. As the term free is only a catch and you need to pay for most of the features and space. By comparing you will find self-hosted WordPress.org much cheaper than WordPress.com.

For any WordPress.org, you need to have a hosting account and for that, you can use Bluehost as it is recommended by WordPress.org itself which would cost around $3.95 per month with a free domain name. You can also check out my recommended and cheap Hosting for WordPress and you can buy a domain name from Namecheap or you can go through my post to find some more recommended websites to buy a cheap domain name.

If you are convinced I would recommend you to read the following articles to getting started with WordPress.org.

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