WordPress Or BlogSpot: Which Is Better?

WordPress or BlogSpot/Blogger? Many of the bloggers want the answer of this highly rated question .When it comes to blogging, Bloggers have plenty of option like WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr and few more. But the listed are best Blogging platforms and from these listed often comparison is done about which is better Blogspot/Blogger or WordPress. One of the most discussed topic in blogging is WordPress or Blogspot/Blogger.

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Many of the users like Blogspot because Blogspot is hassle free and they are far away from the tensions of hosting, coding and its less technical features. Most of the users like WordPress because of its highly customizable features and many more incredible as well as powerful features.

WordPress Vs Blogger/BlogSpot: Which is Better For SEO

wordpress vs blogger

I would recommend using WordPress for blogging but if you are a newbie I would recommend you would first start your blog on Blogspot i.e Blogger.com .WordPress is the  free hosted WordPress blog .You can always migrate your blog from Blogger/BlogSpot to WordPress. At the end of the discussion we will see which is better and recommended for blogging.

As in my case I started my blogging using BlogSpot and then moved to WordPress i.e WordPress.org with self hosting service. Anyhow I will share comparison between BlogSpot or WordPress. And you will decide under what conditions you should choose your blogging platform.

WordPress Or BlogSpot: Which Blogging Platform Should You Choose?

Blogger or BlogSpot :Why and Why Not

BloSpot or Blogger is a free platform And very simple platform to use. When you are not blogging for money, or you need a platform which doesn’t require any technical know-how, BlogSpot is the best one for you. If you just need a platform to start a blog with almost zero cost, BlogSpot is the right and the best one for you.
There are many limitations of BlogSpot in terms of functionality, SEO benefit and if you are blogging for money, fame or for branding yourself, BlogSpot is not the ideal choice. The most important reason is that you have limited control on visibility in search engines. You are limited with adding new features. It doesn’t matter if you are using WordPress, Blogger, Drupal or any other platform, SEO is decided by how you configure your complete site for search engines. In Blogger platform, we have limited control, and despite of the fact, they added new SEO features, BlogSpot still lacks in SEO optimization.

WordPress: Why and Why Not

WordPress gives you complete control on your blog, and you could technically do anything you like. You get complete control on the SEO, you host your own files, you can add SEO plugins, which will help to make your blog more SEO friendly. More over, you can always add latest SEO techniques like start rating, Authorship.
WordPress will let you do everything you wanted, but at the same time you need to manage your own blog. You need to install WordPress on your server, and maintain your blog. It may sound technical, but with such an amazing support from WordPress community, you can always learn everything in no-time. Getting started with WordPress may require some effort like learning how to add a plugin, getting use to dashboard.

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If you are planning to create a blog, with mind-set of making it popular, making money from it, you should prefer self hosted WordPress blog. If you are an occasional writer, or a hobby-blogger, BlogSpot is the best pick for you.

CONCLUSIONBy going through these explanation I would recommend you to go for WordPress blog.

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